Sultry Smokey Eye Tutorial (pictures)

Sultry Smokey Eye Tutorial (pictures)

Hi everyone! I wanted to do something different since the last couple tutorials have been very similar. Today I am doing a very sultry and simple smokey eye! Hope you enjoy! :) 


Studio Session-159.jpgStudio Session-160.jpgStudio Session-161.jpg

As most of my tutorials start, I'm going to moisturize and put on some lip balm and prime my skin. My skin is very dry, so I really slather on First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. My lips are equally as dry so I really love Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm. It's one of the most hydrating ones I own. Since my face is pretty red today for whatever reason, I'm using the Maybelline Master Prime in the green color for redness control. 

Studio Session-162.jpg

I then used my TooFaced Shadow Insurance all over the lid and on the bottom lash line to help prime this area with my concealer to really make it stick and help it last longer. This is something new I've been trying, but I haven't really noticed a huge difference. 

Studio Session-163.jpgStudio Session-164.jpgStudio Session-167.jpg

For foundation and concealer today I'm using the Maybelline Age Rewind foundation and my Revlon concealer. I blended it all out with my black damp Beauty Blender sponge. This foundation is great coverage and isn't heavy at all, which is something I really love. I don't like to have a heavy, drying foundation on so this really is a great option for those who want medium to full coverage and a thin formula. 

Studio Session-169.jpgStudio Session-170.jpg

I decided to give this powder another go, and I'm so disappointed I did. NYX as a brand is one I love. They have great products for affordable prices, as everyone knows. But this powder is not something I like personally. It's too powdery and leaves my face looking drier than the desert. But, I used my Beauty Blender to apply the powder around my eyes, chin, and jawline. I then used my favorite large powder brush from Tarte to blend the powder around my face except for the jawline. 

Studio Session-171.jpgStudio Session-172.jpgStudio Session-173.jpgStudio Session-174.jpg

For the majority of the eyeshadow for this look I'm going to use the Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette by Younique. First, I used Elated, a skin tone shade on myself. If you're any darker than I am it would be an off white shade on you. But, for me it's just skin tone since I'm so pale. Anyway, I used Elated from the lash line to the brow bone as one last layer of coverage to help get rid of all the veins showing on the lids and to also help any shadows I put on top blend easier. Then I used Chipper with a really fluffy brush in the crease. This is just my transition shade. This helps the dark shadows on the lid later blend better into the brow bone. It also helps the finished eye look more blended and put together. Studio Session-176.jpgStudio Session-177.jpgStudio Session-178.jpg

Then I used a dark brown shade called Forthright and used it all over the lid first using a pencil brush then blending it into the crease with a fluffy angled brush. This involves a lot of layering and blending until it's at the opacity I want. 

Studio Session-181.jpg

I used my Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeliner in black along the lash line, tight line and waterline to darken the eye. 

Studio Session-183.jpgStudio Session-184.jpg

Then going into my Gwen Stefani palette (still on sale for $25!), I took the color Blackout and used it on my lash line and outer corner of the eye. This added more intensity to the look and helped make it darker and have more dimension. A smokey eye can look flat if you don't layer different dark shades. If you would just go straight in with a black shadow only, it won't look blended, it'll look flat, and it won't look as good as it could. 

Studio Session-185.jpg

I then mixed Anaheim, Stark, and Zone in the crease to help further blend the shadows. This helps the eye look more like it's not flat, as I said. Studio Session-189.jpgStudio Session-186.jpgStudio Session-190.jpg

On the lower lash line, I went in with Punk and my pencil brush and blended it out. I didn't picture it here, but I also used a mix of Chipper and Forthright from the Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette by Younique on the same brush. Studio Session-191.jpgStudio Session-192.jpg

I then used my Anastasia DipBrow to fill my brows in. Then I used Anger, a white color, from the Pulp Fiction palette underneath the brow to highlight. Studio Session-193.jpgStudio Session-195.jpg

Of course, I used my favorite mascara TooFaced Better Than Sex. I decided to keep it simple and not use falsies, but you definitely could if you wanted. They would really add a lot more drama to the look. 

I have a few samples of blushes and bronzer and some lipsticks from Younique, so the rest of the look is pretty much only used with Younique products. 

Studio Session-196.jpgStudio Session-197.jpg

For bronzer, I used this sample of Beachfront Bronzer by Younique in the color Malibu on the cheeks and around the forehead. Then I used the Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blush by Younique in the color Seductive on the back of the cheeks. 

Studio Session-198.jpg

I used my Coty Airspun Luminous Translucent powder as my highlight on my cheekbones, nose, upper lip, chin, under the arch of the brow, and inner corner of the eye.

Studio Session-201.jpgStudio Session-203.jpgStudio Session-204.jpg

I then used the Stiff Upper Lip lip stain by Younique in the color Sultry. It was much more pigmented than I had anticipated, and while it looked good with the look, I did want a more nude color. So, I used the Shine Make Up Remover Cloths by Younique to take the color off. 

Studio Session-207.jpg

My lips were still stained, but I liked the way it looked. So, I used a baby pink gloss on top. This is the Lucrative Lipgloss by Younique in the color Loveable

Studio Session-209.jpgStudio Session-210.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, this NYX powder really left my face feeling too powdery, so I used my Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water to set the make up and soak up any excess powder and really help my skin look dewier. Studio Session-214.jpgStudio Session-223.jpg

And that is the finished look! It's a wearable sultry smokey eye than can be worn during the day and darkened for the night. I haven't worn a smokey eye in forever, so this look really made me miss the look. 

Studio Session-224Studio Session-222Studio Session-219









*disclaimer: As you probably noticed, this look had a lot of Younique products. I was asked to become part of the team to sell the make up, and today I got in my box of samples and products. I'll have a full review up of the products used and a few others in tomorrows post. I will always be 100% honest about how I feel about the products and won't be too pushy to get you to buy, BUT I do ask if you're interested in buying any products from the line that I showed in this tutorial or that I review tomorrow to please use the link I provide to purchase the products. It will take you to my store, so you will be buying the products from me! Thank you :) 

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Aug 16, 2016, 10:24:06 PM

What a pretty look. You wear this and many others well. Keep up the good work! ;) thanks for all the helpful info!!!

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