It’s been half a year, since I moved across the globe to start new life. It wasn’t so hard as some might assume. I had my bad days, missing my family, friends, places where I used to hang with my folks. I’m not saying that those days are over, they are just less around. Since I moved, I have never felt rejected or like I don’t fit here, new home gave me no reason to be over thinking my decision of moving. I know a lot of people who, after several years still question their decision.

Maybe I was prepared so good, although I wasn’t thinking about it so much. I was never occupied with thoughts, how will look like when I arrive. I knew what to do, with bureaucracy for settling down properly, but other things … I never put much of a thoughts about other things. My mission, my goal was to move and that was conquered. All I knew was, that I should not rush, I need to take it easy. The pace of lifestyle that most people live here is slow or in other words, much slower than I was used to. At the beginning was hard to adjust. In the past, I was learned for everything to be done immediately, not to take a second to overthink. Also now, sometimes I catch myself in a bit of a stress, when I am doing something in old habits way – with rush, like those things matters most, like those things in business are crucial for my life. I know now (like I knew 10 years ago), that they are simply not. The system, the kapitalism, made us a robots and people complaining that robots will substitute us. What is better to become robot or to be sub for robot, hmmm …

My husband just started new job. We took lunch together during his break and all he was complaining for was, how slow co-workers are, they take mini breaks every hour, they take time for their business, also the computer system they are working with is slow, with unnecessary steps, stealing their time. Yet, these coworkers are nice, helpful, not rushing him to know everything the first day.

I asked, how it would be better if they would be in extreme rush (following with stress and mistakes!), for whom it would be better? If they act like humans, not working like robots, without any feeling, any breath? More money, more stress, more profit, but unhappy staff, complaining all the time, not smiling. Is it really good to make more money and let people be unhappy, and compensate unhappiness with more money? I do not believe that extra money will compensate the stressful work environment. At some point everyone do realize, that this is the truth, some sooner while others later or even too late. Ask yourself – today, what was the most enjoyable moment, what were you doing at that time, who were you surrounded with, what did you feel, what were you thinking at that time, why you enjoyed it so much and mostly, why the moment stopped?

I said to my husband – enjoy, blend, reset your working habits, you do not live to work and to burn-out, but you work to live. You have the right to be happy, (real not fake happy) while working, not to feel pressure all the time, not to go to work with bad mood and suffer there. The extra profit that is compensated for stressful working environment, will not give extra to anyone’s happy life, it will just widen the gap between rich and poor. There is no real gains in that, just bigger lump where everyone wants to be on the side of a rich and overthinking how better it is. It’s really not.

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