10 Golden Rules To Take Care Of Your Skin On An Everyday Basis

10 Golden Rules To Take Care Of Your Skin On An Everyday Basis

Mar 27, 2019, 7:06:23 PM Life and Styles

Is your skin acne prone? Are you looking for skin care rules for healthy skin? If yes then be ready to know the simple and easy rules for daily skin care. Usually, methods to treat acne prone skin makes it dry and flaky.  It is quite confusing when the skin feels dry and chapped because you are afraid of breakouts and avoid to moisturize it. Both the situations are conflicting, and it becomes tricky to achieve the dream of healthiest skin in such condition. A lot of information is available on skin care but what works best for you would only be useful.

10 golden rules of skincare can be helpful

Do Not Pop Breakouts

We know that popping the pimples makes them worse. Whenever acne is squeezed or tweaked the skin follicles are damaged, and skin takes longer healing time. There is more possibility of having a scar on the skin.

Remove Facial And Eye Makeup

Makeup on the skin and around the eyes must be removed gently and religiously. It should be followed by a meticulous cleanup routine. It would help the skin to breathe and make sure that the skin feels fresh. It would guard the pores against being closed, and the skin around your eyes would stay young.

Deep Cleanse

It is advised to cleanse the skin at least twice but not with the cleansing soap or face wash that contains harsh chemicals. With very mild cleanser you should do thorough cleansing once in the morning and once right before going to bed. It is good for skin to exfoliate but try to avoid over exfoliating.


Moisturizing is very important, and it cannot be skipped with the scary thought of getting more acne. The skin requires moisturizer to stay hydrated. Depriving skin of necessary moisture could result in early ageing. Skin needs more moisture in dry and cold weather, but fear of winter acne could stop us from applying moisturizer.

Wear Sunscreen

Good skin starts with a sunscreen. Make a strict rule to never go out without a sunscreen even on a cloudy day. It will protect the skin from dangerous sun rays. It is advisable to apply sunscreen daily also if you are staying at home and not going out. This is especially important as sun rays are responsible for skin aging. However, wearing a sunscreen alone might not be enough. Adequate skincare routine to prevent skin aging is essential too. Luminositie skincare provides a wide range of anti-aging skincare collection so you can rest assured your skin is getting all the necessary nutrients to fight the effects of aging.

Wear Sunglasses

The skin near our eyes is the most sensitive and susceptible to the damage from exposure to the sun. Wearing sunglasses prevents skin near eyes from being degenerated. In a dry and cold climate, anyone would like to spend a lot of time outdoor so always wear sunglasses before going under the sun.

Enough Sleep

Too little sleep can mess your skin badly. Restlessness due to inadequate sleep may trigger breakouts. There is no strict ideology of 6 or 8 hours as sleep requirement of every individual are not similar. Keep adding  15 minutes to your sleep time by going to bed earlier, and when you start feeling awake and fresh for the whole day, you have known the numbers of hours sufficient for gorgeous skin.

Do Not Use Hot Water

Hot water causes harm to the skin by taking away natural and essential oils away from the skin. It leaves skin dry and irritating. Use of luke-warm water in winters instead of a hot shower keeps the skin look much younger.

Stay Stress-Free

Staying stress-free is the essential requisite for healthier skin. Do whatever meditate, exercise, listen to music or just go shopping, but if you are really bothered about the wellness of your skin then do not let stress stay in your head for longer.

Use Bananas

Eating a banana daily; provides potassium and magnesium which works wonders for the skin. It also regulates the digestive system and as we all know that if metabolism is stable, then it reflects in our skin.

So, if we spare a little time to follow the golden rules which are very simple and easy to follow we can achieve acne free and glowing skin in all weathers.

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