4 Security Risks To System From Putlocker.Ch And Similar Sites

4 Security Risks To System From Putlocker.Ch And Similar Sites

Jan 16, 2019, 11:10:06 PM Tech and Science

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was a video streaming site that connects the user to the online world for watching movies and TV shows. It was one of the free and easy to use site that had a collection of many high-quality films. Its popularity grows rapidly among the people for watching online videos. In 2016 it ranked as number one site among the other 250 similar sites.

However, various attempts have been made to shut off or block this site, the changed site URL is the proof of this. 

The first changed domain was Putlocker.bz which later seized by UK government due to piracy issues.  Now, a new domain Putlocker.is came into existence which forwarding users to Putlocker.ch for free video streaming. But the Putlocker.ch has also been blocked by the authorities due to some legal issues.

Further, these free video streaming sites come with a lot of unwanted stuff that put the security of system at risk.

Following are the security issues that can which harm the speed of a device or system.


Putlocker.ch is not 100% secure and put users system at risk. When users watch a movie on free video streaming site, then a temporary file with malware may get download into the device without your permission. Further, this malware can affect the speed of the system as well as the browser and can fill the machine with malicious content.


One common complaint with Putlocker was the presence of pop-ups that the site generates. When you see pop-up adverts on the web page of a free video streaming site, then it is possible that you may click on that pop-up. Once you click on these pop-ups, they open a new unwanted window on a browser that has a virus and may hack your data.

Unnecessary Downloading:

The sites similar to Putlocker, the user uses to watch free videos and TV shows, can bring unnecessary downloads into your system. These download may have a virus or harmful program that can affects the performance of your tablet, laptop and computer. Further, this virus can even hijack all your data and can automatically delete important files from the device.

So, avoid using free unauthorized sites for the safety of your data and system.

Redirecting to new links, Without Permission:

Free movie sites redirect the user to other links without their permission. This unwanted redirecting to new sites can bring adware and malware in the system. The adware starts throwing many ads based upon your browsing history on the web page. And when you click on these ads, you unintentionally will get a virus in your system that is a big threat to the security of the device.

If you want to see videos on the online platform, then select the authorized video streaming sites. Also, install anti-virus in your system to protect it against any virus and malware. 

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