6 Innovative Ways to Make Workplace Engagement Fun

6 Innovative Ways to Make Workplace Engagement Fun

Sep 28, 2018, 12:11:30 PM Business

It does not matter if you do a small job or a big job; what matters is the contentment of the work. This is a distinction of the chicken and egg question. Who came first? Dissatisfied employees or the recession? Regardless of what you do, sell or invent; your business cannot move without people. CEOs, company founders and leaders know that keeping teams below their goals, in harmony, makes the difference between winning and dying.

In terms of job satisfaction, financial rewards may be lower than most people think. Being satisfied with your work seems to depend more on intangibles: feeling teamed and valued consistently when asking employees about job satisfaction.

Let's walk you to the tips and strategies to enhance efficiency among your employees and engage them in the best possible way;

1. Trust Employees To Leave Their Comfort Zones

Few employees want to do a specific task again and again until they resign, retire or die. Do not be afraid to give them new responsibilities, it will enable them to grow and have more confidence in their abilities while making them more valuable to the organization. Although managers may feel empowered to allow their employees to try new things that pose a risk to productivity or put workers out of their place of establishment, this prevents them from further problems. However, you must understand that the biggest risk is that people get burned or bored.

2. Your Employees Are The Adults – Treat Them The Right Way

In any business, there will be bad news. Whether in relation to the company as a whole or with a person within the organization, employees must be treated in a simple and respectable way.

If, however, you choose to keep your people in the dark about difficult times or problems, the fallout can be severe pain in the neck. "Rumors are usually more terrible than the real world. And, in the absence of knowledge, people make things up.

3. Coach to Succeed and Practice Acts Of Kindness At Random

Feedback is another motivator. Do not wait for periodic reviews; instead, offer comments as often as possible. Positive feedback should be given immediately to further encourage the same performance. Negative feedback should also be given so that workers can correct themselves. If you can, schedule weekly meetings with individual employees to provide an opportunity to discuss current projects and issues. Moreover, these meetings do not require a lot of time and they can build strong working relationships.

4. Money Matters However Not As Much As You Believe

When employees are hired, compensation programs are very important, but once the deal is completed, the source of motivation tends to change. "Motivation comes from the things we talked about - the challenge of work, the purpose of the job, the opportunity to learn, and the opportunity to contribute. With regards to finding a pay that will enable your workers to feel paid reasonably, do not bend to reduce them. If you do, they will eventually discover and not be happy. "If the salary was open, is it defensible?"

PRO-TIP: Stop calculating everything. As a business owner, stop keeping your score every time an action is taken. Do not always think, "If I did it for an employee, he should do it." Do what's right and do not calculate.

5. Trust and Verify but At the Same Time Make the Work a Fun Place

Good bosses pay attention to the great image, details and care of the product and employees. A great way to show that he is involved in the creative process and pay attention to what is happening. And remember to do it with a smile on your face. Lighten! Making work fun is really rewarding because people often get a lot more work when they play. And, by play we mean - keeping your staff busy in their KPI's. It is indeed the key to your employees' happiness. You can use professional services like Spinify that offers many features baked into the solution to keep your staff engaged with the little effort needed by managers.

6. Make Employees Feel like They Belong to you – Keep Them Informed

To be happy at work, it is important to feel like you have a friend. It becomes difficult, especially when the business is busy. People need to feel like they know each other and time, like that, gives positive results. You need to make employees feel that they own the place not just that they work there. One way to motivate this feeling is to have each member of a team become familiar with what other team members are doing, allowing them to contribute their ideas to step up and to be part of the team. If the roles are not too specialized, ask your staff to change responsibilities from time to time. "All of this helps to create a feeling of 'mine', and most people, when it's theirs, do not want to fail, do not want to create bad quality and do not want to upset the customer."

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