6 Popular Guard Dogs Breeds to Protect Your Home From Intruders!

6 Popular Guard Dogs Breeds to Protect Your Home From Intruders!

Jun 5, 2018, 8:51:53 PM Life and Styles

They are soft, cuddly, intense, and sometimes can be irrational! They are our home guardians: our pets. While dogs are known for being best companion, playmate or a true friend, some people want them for protection.

So, if you are ready to welcome the new member in the family but are confused about which breed you could be your guard dog, have a look at some breeds that would work for you:

Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Popularly known as a ferocious lion hunter, the handsome, intelligent and loyal canine is what a Rhodesian ridgeback is. While they are faithful to the family, they can become violent when they sniff threat to his owner. These dogs can bite, so if you are having this in your family, don’t forget to hire a dog bite attorney in West Covina.

They are sensitive, athletic and quite mischievous. Plus they are good with children, which mean kids at your home will get a companion to play with. Since these pets require low-maintenance, you don’t need to worry about shedding.

German shepherd:

If you are looking for a four-leg giant in your home, they can be the one. Respected and well known as the military dogs, they are naturally protective and loyal canine. Originally belong to the herd of sheep, they are large and intelligent.

Plus they are well known for their grooming, active lifestyle and pleasant temperament. They make perfect family member and are good with children. A solid combination of brain and brawn is what make this breed charming police dogs. 

*Note: If you or your family member is suffering from any allergies, think before having this breed.


Want a furry guard dog as a friend? Have a Bullmastiff! They are devoted guard dogs that amalgamate with cats and children with ease. They are an intelligent, fearless, devoted and high-spirited dog that can be a perfect deterrent. Although these dogs don’t bite, they become a dominant dog who can knock down the stranger at once. Despite being small, they are known as the high-spirited breed.  


They can be your dog if you are looking for a muscular build and a dominant canine for your home. They are highly active and can swiftly sniff the stranger. Also, their scream and running are famous for alarming the homeowners.

Rottweiler’s are highly inclined to the family and are well known to strangers until they are introduced to them. They are playful, lovable and highly active, making them perfect guard dog for home.

Doberman pinscher:

The smart, energetic, and athletic dogs are what a Doberman is known for. Just spend some time with them, and you will come to understand how intelligent and active they are. They are also known as one of the most dangerous and fearless breeds. They are sleek and powerful with both a keen eye and sharp intelligence.


They are innate, well-mannered and loyal canine that barely shows any signs of aggression. However, due to their intelligence, they are considered as the best watchdogs. Simply train them, and you will get a smart and intelligent guard pet. They are intelligent, active and features pleasant temperament. Also, they are good with kids which means they can be the best furry friend of your children. 

Note: Irrespective of the breed, any dog can become dangerous and aggressive, if they are not given the required training and supervision.

No matter which dog you have, small canine or large beasts, keep an eye on your pet’s temperament and take preventive measures to keep your family as well as pet safe. After all, a happy pet is the safe pet.

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