8 Different Ways To Naturally Straighten Your Hairs!

8 Different Ways To Naturally Straighten Your Hairs!

Apr 1, 2019, 10:04:50 PM Life and Styles

Girls with straight hair is a blessing! Stylish, pretty, silky, robust and convenient, straight hairs are often over-coveted and flattering. They never go out-of-style and can also put-together the overall look of the person taking it.

However, the problem with straight hairs is that they require chemical straighteners and heat products that can hamper the strand quality and can make your locks dull over time.  Using them, you might end up with dry and split hairs that are not attractive.

If you want to forgo the hair straightening tools, but still want luscious locks, below are the tricks and hair care tips to help you:

Washing And Conditioning:

All great styling begins in the shower; the softer, thicker and luscious hairs you have, the more you want to avoid chemicals in the shower. Use products that are sulfate-free and won’t make your hair dry. Once done, apply conditioner. Make a thick paste of shampoo and rinse off your hairs with cold water. Also, the condition only ends!

Keep The Dryer At Cool:

So, you have mastered the classic blowout to get sleek and straight hairs, but isn’t the heat of the dryer make you feel worried? How about switching to the cool air? Start from air drying your hairs and then divide them into sections.

Bring the dryer on the cool setting and blow dryer your hairs. Just make sure to move the dryer from roots to tips and keep it continuously moving. Also, keep the dryer at least 6-inches away from your hairs while drying.

Use Plastic Rollers:

Using rollers will give you wavy and voluminous locks with the added gloss that too without heat. Just damp the hairs and divide them in medium to small sections. Roll hair rollers in your hairs before going to bed and get straight hairs in no time.

Use Products That Can Straighten Your Hairs:

The shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products offer calming and relaxing effects onto the hairs. Smoothening serums and keratin-based products will coat your hairs, putting them down and relaxing your curls. Let's say, you want a straight hair look for a party, put in your Brazilian kinky straight hair, apply serum followed by brush and you are ready! 

Hair Wrapping In Style:

Hair wrapping is one of the most effective and popular ways of keeping your hairs straight. However, not everyone knows how to master them. To wrap your hairs, section your hairs and comb them using a fine tooth comb. Hold the hair taut and bring all your hairs to the opposite side of your head. Once done, pin them tightly to the side of your head and repeat this for every section.

Sleep With Wet Hairs:

If it is difficult to keep your hair in big rollers and hair wraps while sleeping, try sleeping with wet hairs. Bring your hairs at the top and put on the hairband in your ponytail at the top. Now, wrap all your hairs around the pony by making a bun and securing the end with the hair tie.

Try Homemade Hair Masks:

Hair masks help in deep-conditioning the hairs and aids in restoring the natural protein in the hairs. It gives a shiny and straight appearance to make them look relaxed. Try using a raw egg hair mask or avocado mask for deep conditioning. You can also use curd, honey, and other natural products to strengthen your hairs.

Brush Your Hairs:

The simplest method of keeping your hair straight is to brush them thoroughly. After washing, bring out all the moisture and let your hair air dry.  Section your hairs and keep on brushing. Start from the ends and gradually move upward to straighten out all nodes. 

So,  those were some of the tips you can use to smoothen your hairs naturally. Say goodbye to frying or burning your strands from straightening tools and keep your locks sleek and straight. 

Published by Janice Cook

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