Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in SEO

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in SEO

Feb 19, 2019, 3:49:46 PM Business

There is a substantial content remains that is being published and provided on the internet every second, and consumers have become extremely self-directed when it comes to looking for content relevant to the query, this means the competition to capture the attention of the consumer is increasing at a high rate. For this reason, it is imperative to provide strategic and quality search engine optimization for your website. SEO has evolved a lot from its primary keyword focused content to a more revolutionary form on finding the balance between user-centric content and making the search engine crawl for the content relevant to the search made. There are but many mistakes that are made commonly in website SEO which are to be focused.

Discarding Dated Content

There are some contents on the website that may have been published by you in the past. The common noticeable fact is that a vast mistakes to discard and neglect these contents. It is important to keep refreshing these contents to make them more relevant to capture the attention of the consumer.


Keyword Centric Optimization

Long gone are the days when search engine optimization took place around a single keyword. In the present world is not only provides poorer results but also fails to satisfy your consumer. It is wasteful because search engines are becoming extremely smart while trying to find the search intent. A more pragmatic solution is to find out how your content can satiate the need of a user and optimizing the webpage accordingly.


Neglecting Mobile Users

To be honestly said that, most of the world uses mobile devices to access the internet. Sitting opposite to the computer screen is rather tedious to those who can look for something online on the cellular mechanisms. If you neglect the mobile users by making your web page not available for mobile devices you are wreaking Havoc on your chances of gaining maximum profit.


Not Providing Internal Links

Once you have caught the eye of a consumer who is interested in your web page, it is extreme importance to make sure that the remain captivated with your content. The ones are interested are probably looking for more content than the Meager one's. For this reason, it is essential to provide internal links within your content to show it to your customers that you have more to offer than what merely catches the eye.


Failing To Optimize Site Speed

Obviously, if your site speed is slow, it is likely to create much tension and frustration for a person looking at it. Moreover, fastest sites have been proved to have better crawl rate which makes sure that your site is found faster by an interested party.


Not Providing Relevant External Links

Much like internal links, external links are of equal importance to help a person looking at your site to get more relevant information about the query. This not only makes the user experience better but also acts in a way to make your signal credibility better to both the search engine as well as the search engine.


Forgetting Image Optimization

It is impressive when you add relevant pictures and images to your site or blog. It creates a better visual experience for your consumer and makes them look for your page harder. Adding colour to your page can never go wrong. However, it is essential for you to optimize these images, so that the search engine can find your side based on solely these images. Make sure to cover your bases with image file names, and alt text contents have relevant keywords attached to them. Make sure to optimize the image size so that the page is downloaded faster and better. Providing difficult content Life is fast, and people are most definitely looking for answers that are short, simple and comprehensive. If your content contains bulky and incomprehensible reading material, people are more likely to move on from your site just because they fail to understand the content. Researchers also found out the people like to read web content in the f form, if your content is provided in a large bulky and chunk like manner, it can easily be understood to be too much for your consumers. Utilize more subheadings and make the content more innovative, for people to understand and like your page better.


Lacking Creative Content

It is understood that you may sometimes want to repeat content that has already been provided on your page previously. Though they might have been great content, there is no way you can fool search engines. With search engines becoming extremely intelligent, if you repeat content across your page, you will be penalized for this action.


Failing To Optimize Site Structure

You may think that it is smart to have the heading or the title of your content fully represented in the URL; however, this choice can be costly. Actually, Long URLs have nothing to do with better search ranking. On the other hand, if you keep your URL short and straightforward but pack it in with relevant keywords, it would make the search engine crawl for your content faster.


Quantity over Quality

Content development on the internet is becoming extremely competitive. This may make you believe that if you outdo the person that is a potential threat, you are doing better. However, it has been found through various researches that are merely having more number of content on your page does not do too much. Especially if your content is not well written or does not answer the query of your consumers, it can be aptly said to be wasteful to publish many contents.


The Problem of Redirecting Links

It has been found through relevant researchers, that number of sites have broken links that do not direct to the targeted content and instead redirected to some other page. Not only is this frustrating for the viewer but also reduces your productivity. Make sure to perform an audit to identify such broken links that may redirect to a different page.


Giving Importance to Meta Keywords

The major search engines do not use Meta keywords, and they may even actually act as spam for some search engines. Hence there is no particular reason why you should be using meta keywords on your content. If at all you want to use the meta keyword approach, make sure the number of keywords for between 1 to 5 for your content.


Neglecting Site Crawling

If you do not make sure that your site is crawling and somewhat is blocking search engines, they will never be found by search engines; hence you will virtually have no consumers for your website.


Attaching Too Many PDFs

While it is of general exceptions the PDFs are very useful to provide your consumer with relevant pieces of information that are easy to download, they do not work too well with search engines. Most websites do not track PDF views in their analytics system. Since they are not tracked, it is impossible to say how they are interacting with consumers. Also, PDFs do not provide a very user-friendly atmosphere for your content.

These are few of the common mistakes made in the field of website SEO if you want your site to perform well and attract a number of customers make sure to avoid these mistakes at all cost.

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