Selecting The Right Baby Shampoo: Important Things To Consider!

Bath time is one of the best and memorable times that you spend with your little one. The giggles, cries and the comforting ambience when you apply shampoo onto your baby’s body, and hair is something you will cherish for life.

However, as a concern, have you ever thought about the diligence to ensure that the products you are using are safe for your newborn? Are they chemical-free and not harmful to your baby’s skin?

Unlike adults, baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. Sometimes even the plain water is just enough for bathing. However, if you are shopping for baby’s shampoo, here are some key things to keep in mind while choosing one:

Skin Conditions:

The first step with skin care begins with the baby itself. Babies are born with healthy skin; therefore the best products should be close to nature. However, if you or your family have a history of skin problems, be extra cautious for baby.

Choose Natural Products:

Choosing an organic product is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Pick the products that are made from natural ingredients. Go for toxin-free shampoos that contains coconut extract, aloe Vera, jojoba oil, and Calendula extract. There are many options for free when you look for Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers, including natural shampoos available for kids. 

Look At The Labels:

Many shampoos in the market claim to be natural and gentle; however, they are not! So read the labels carefully so that you would know all things that will go on your baby’s skin. Also, there might be some products that have chemicals and are not clinically tested, so look for that too. Some chemicals are also used for adding aroma, avoid them as they might lead to many health issues.

Hypoallergenic Shampoos:

Some shampoos available for babies are hypoallergenic and are best for the baby. They are soft on the skin and are also chemical-free. however, using a regular, fragrance-filled shampoo can cause various skin issues ranging from itchy scalp laden with scrapes and rashes.  So, before buying any shampoo, look for hypoallergenic ones too!

Fragrance-Free Shampoo:

Of course, you want your baby to smell sweet and nice, but fragrance-filled shampoos are made from chemicals that can lead to skin irritation and rashes.

Further, newborns have very soft and delicate skin that is super absorbent, which means anything harsh applied on it will harm a baby’s skin. You can pick natural fragrances, which are chemical free and less-harmful.

Alcohol-Free Shampoo:

Do you know why the adult shampoos make hairs and skin refreshing when they dry? That’s because they contain alcohol. Kids products, on the other hand, should be alcohol-free (which sometimes they are not). If they contain alcohol, they can irritate, even rashes onto baby’s skin.  So, read the instructions and make sure your toddler's shampoo is alcohol-free.

Look at The PH Neutral Value:

PH of a substance refers to how alkaline or acidic a substance is, and a substance with pH 7 is neither acidic or neutral, it’s balanced. A newborn baby’s skin is balanced with pH nearly 7. So, look for the shampoo with pH nearly equal to the pH of baby’s skin.

Vitamin-Infused Shampoos Are Also The Best:

There are many vitamins-based shampoos that make a good buy, especially for babies. So, look for the product that is enriched with vitamin A, D and E. this will offer the required nourishment to the baby’s scalp and the roots of hairs. 

Finding the best shampoo is a struggle for new mom’s. Some shampoos are clinically tested and not offer any side effects on the baby’s skin. Get them and have healthy bathing time with your munchkin.

Published by Janice Cook


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