Top 4 Myths About Playable Ads That Are Not True!

Top 4 Myths About Playable Ads That Are Not True!

Dec 20, 2018, 10:41:45 PM Tech and Science

Back in 2013, when the global ad blocking craze pushed the advertising industry to rethink its strategies, there comes creative ads and formats, which created a value exchange trend between both advertisers and users.  Later comes the rewarded video ads that rose in popularity and become very famous. However, the current rage is pushing the boundaries of creative ads to a format that is beyond everything, and that is playable ads.


What Is A Playable Ad?

As the name suggests, playable ads are the advertisements that you can easily play. In simpler terms, they are the one that gives users the interactive experience of what’s coming to the games. They are more like micro-games and are typical of one minute.

While these micro-games are popular and are in a rage, there are many myths associated with them. Have a look at the most common myths that are flying about the playable ads:


Myth: They Hinder The Gameplay

Developers often think that offering ads within a gaming app, along with the gameplay distract users, hinder the user experience and is also very confusing. However, the fact is, the payable ads are designed to offer an enjoyable user experience.

The reason, they are designed with countdown timers, to let the designers know that users enjoy when they are offered with the option to x-out. With highly entertaining playable ad, developers are increasing engagement and game loyalty.


Myth: Playable Ads Can Crash Apps!

This is completely untrue; you might think of them as apps that will slow down or crash the app, but they do not!

First, the playable ads or micro ads run in a sandbox. Unlike other apps that run in the native system, the playable ads that are in the sandbox cannot affect anything outside. Thus, it is impossible for the playable ads to slow down or crash your app.

Second, the playable ads are lighter than other video ads, and there are many optimizing techniques, which help in reducing the file size, without hampering the user experience.


Myth: Playable Ads Don’t Work On Old Smartphones:

While people might think that playable ads don’t work in the markets where most of the people have older smartphones with lower CPUs, they are designed to support all types of smartphones. In fact, they support a wide range of different devices, even the oldest and weakest smartphones.


Playable ads are too short and will not be able to convey my gameplay:

Although playable ads are simple, quick, short and often last for 30 seconds, they can easily engage users' interests and make them enjoy characters and features of your game. The quicker you will be able to represent your game’s message, the better your ad will perform. Further, playable ads will focus on the game’s theme. After all, a 30-second ad will be enough to engage users without making lose their attention.

Playable ads are the game changer; they are one of those ads that not only satisfy advertisers, who have high-quality users, but will also offer a high-end experience to publishers with eCPMs.

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