Tops! Tops! 9 Timeless Tops Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet!

Tops! Tops! 9 Timeless Tops Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet!

Mar 7, 2019, 10:02:18 PM Life and Styles

Red, blue, black or white? Which things would make the well-rounded tees for your closet? Well, you might have a closet overcrowded with all the tees and tops, but more often you still find yourself struggling to find the perfect one for the day.

Further, when it comes to wearing tops, the less you have, the more you will be able to style with ease. Hoarding a plethora of printed tees, blouses or styles that will catch your eyes will only make your wallet scream. However, investing in the key pieces that is suitable for every occasion would do the job. Here are these 9 tops that you only need for everything:

The slogan ones:

Every slogan has its power; to express what you want to say with a slogan tee. Pick anything funky, catchy and something that describes you. Let's say you have a hippie personality, a tee with I smell hippies anything related would be the best.

You can explore the Ronald Reagan T-shirt collection or anything online to pick the best one. Pick a comfortable one, and you are good to carry them for casual outings.


If you think button ups are way too professional and you might look like going to the office, you are wrong. In fact, a button shirt is a staple that every woman should have in her closet. Bold or light colors, denim or cotton, pick the one you love, and you are good to go!

Also, a button-up shirt is great for wearing over a dress as a jacket, layering under the sweater, tied at the waist and tucked into the shirt. A white button up would be a classic, timeless piece that would suit all ages or style- so get the one for you.

Tank tops:

Tank tops are cute, stylish, easy to wear, and are perfect to wear. Thin, thick, spaghetti straps, bold colors, and patterns the options are endless. Grab anyone and wear them in a different style. Grab a jacket to wear it in the office; the styles are versatile.

Simple t-shirts:

They are must-have staples in your casual wear closet. However, for the formal look, you can wear them with a blazer with a pencil skirt and heels. Bring solid colors in your wardrobe or graphic tees to carry any look. Neutral colors are also in rage and go perfectly with black or blue jeans.

Tube top:

Tube tops, work best with the skirt and also make you look stylish if you are wearing them with high-waist jeans or shorts. For casual friends out,  bring black color tube top, layer it with a jacket, and you are ready to play.

Hater tops:

Halter tops are the one that perfectly ties behind your neck. These tops are quite versatile, and you can wear them with anything. For a more formal look, you can pick a black silk top or the denim one for a more casual look.

Whether you want to wear them on the beach or just want them for a day out, halter tops are saviors.

Sweater tops:

Sweater tops come in all varieties, be it oversized ones, cropped tops, furry ones, long-sleeves, short ones, and more. Just pick your favorite style, and you are good to go! Further, sweater tops are great for layering on a dress, wearing with jeans, skirt or with a button-up long blouse.

A black plane top:

Black is the classic, timeless piece that every girl should have in her closet. Besides, it's quite versatile and can go with anything. Wear a plain black shirt with denim or a skirt, and you are ready with the look.

Pair a black halter top with a blazer or overcoat, and you are ready to go with the formal look. For a sassy date night, wear a black top with the pencil denim with a pair of stilettos and complete the look with accessories.

Layering tops:

Whether it’s the cardigan top or an overthrown top, they make perfect pieces that you can wear anytime.

Pick the dark-colored cardigan, team it with your favorite jeans and you are ready to slay. Vibrant and sexy is the trend, so pick bold and trendy colors for brunches and other casual outings.

Classic pieces always ensure that your outfit won’t look too dated. So, if you always find yourself in the fashion dilemma, the above tops should be in your closet.

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