Be Like Snoopy and Play It Cool!

Be Like Snoopy and Play It Cool!

Nov 7, 2016, 1:49:25 PM Business

Give yourself permission today to step forward and to back out if you need to.  It is Monday, and that brings mixed emotions to many…  For those who love what they do, they are happy to get back to it after a weekend.  For those who hate what they do, Monday is the day to start counting the days until the weekend.

For those on either end of the spectrum, money can always play a role in the conundrum.  But there are some things to keep in mind about money and work.  Stefanie O’Connell in a recent issue of SUCCESS talked about how to ask for more money and how to get it.  

  • You are the primary driver of your income.  Take ownership, find your resolve!  Really.  If you do not believe you are worth more, then no one else will either.
  • Always demonstrate value in negotiations.  Inventory your value through your accomplishments.  The length of your tenure is not a criteria for more money, but the value and accomplishment over that time is.  
  • Find the right employer or clients…  Depending on your industry, find what is the right amount to be earning.  And, if you are self-employed, make sure that you are reviewing your income regularly.  More often than that, many entrepreneurs have not raised their rates for years.  The longer you wait to ask for more money, within reason, the harder it will be to increase what your employer or clients are paying.

And there are only five more days until the weekend…Love that fact or hate it

Published by Janice Marie

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