Can You Limit Yourself to Only One?

Yes, it is Monday, and, yes, there is a lot to do, whether it is personal or professional, but can you limit yourself to doing only one thing at a time?

You may know of the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule.  80% of sales, and we are all in sales, personally or professionally, come from 20% of your activity.

In a recent Mother Earth Living publication, there was reference to limits to set on yourself to make your life more productive:

  1. Only One Goal:  More than that, focus and energy are lost.
  2. Two times a day to check email.
  3. Three Most Important Tasks Per Day!
  4. Four:  Batch all tasks.  These are the smaller ones in addition to the three Most Important Tasks.
  5. Five sentence emails.  Interesting
  6. Six news articles a day to be read.
  7. Seven minutes to waste!

Interesting stuff, and you can read the whole article in the January/February edition of the magazine.  But, I found that setting down a list that will limit you gives you permission to be productive in a different way.

I know with all that I choose to have in my life that it blends the personal and the professional together.  But everything I do, I choose to do.  Setting limits on what goes on my priority list was the first step, and the seven thoughts above help to make each day a day that I feel satisfied that I have done the best of what I can do in a 24-hour period, and, yes, one of the most important items is “sleep

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