Don't Let Your Mind Get In the Way

Don't Let Your Mind Get In the Way

Oct 12, 2016, 6:30:36 PM Life and Styles

Are you unhappy at this very moment?  If so, you probably should/should not read these words.  Ambiguous?  Yes.  But it really is all in your mind to be happy.  And there are degrees of happiness, so it is not a  definite like taking your temperature.  And there are folks who can be deliriously happy when all kinds of things are going wrong in their lives.  Crazy?  No, it is mental though!  Only you can describe your emotions including happiness; but, at the same time, you can tell yourself even in simple thoughts that you are “happy”, and the mood can begin to change.  Yes, the brain is looking for answers for you so give it a tickle and let it know that you are “happy”, it will do everything it can to attract happiness more and more to you.  What can you lose?  Happy is pretty durable…

Published by Janice Marie

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Oct 15, 2016, 2:13:01 AM

Yes! Thank you for the reminder :)

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