Everything is Us!

Everything is Us!

Nov 27, 2016, 5:53:20 PM Opinion

The freedom of being me is sometimes away from my awareness…Until i am in the presence of Liam.  Thirty months old and yet wise as a thirty-year old.  It is sometimes amazing.  But when I am with Liam, I know that any struggles I experience can provide comfort and direction for others at a later time.  In a small way, I see that with Liam.  When he wants to do something, he will find a way, cunning or straight forward.  And, yes, as a grandmother, I often times facilitate that.  But it is within that I know that it is all a part of his learning and still a part of my lifelong learning.  It is a toddler who can sense danger in the shadows, but when they are dancing the shadows are all a part of the fun!  It is an interesting perspective because, as adults, worry is sometimes a shadow of our dark side–the side that forgets that everything will always be as it should.  We forget to dance because we are worrying, and that is when I learn from Liam that life is a dance, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but in the end, we always feel better when we dance!

Published by Janice Marie

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