Families and Their Legacies With Money

Families and Their Legacies With Money

Sep 8, 2016, 4:38:01 PM Life and Styles

As a believer in not looking back, but believing in the moment, living for NOW, I sometimes have a hard time totally dissecting my or a client’s past experiences with money.  Of course, I work with clients to show how they became who they are in their relationship with money; but then the past is put to rest.  Working in the moment is much more productive.  From there, moment to moment, they can create their future moments.  Yes, it takes time, much more than a single moment.  And it is important in a money relationship, and every other part of life, to give yourself all the time you need to find your groove with money.  

When I finish this blog this morning, I will be putting several single dollar bills into an envelope and mail it to my first born grandson.  I will mail it to him, addressed to him.  We started with one single dollar bill, and we keep increasing it.    His parents are working with me to introduce money to him at a very early age.  He is 28 months old.  He has no clue of what money is, but he likes to get the mail.  It is an exciting moment when the mailman arrives.  It is an exciting moment when he recognizes his brightly colored name on the envelope.  It is even more exciting that his mom will allow him to open the envelope.  His father has helped create what is now his “bank” where he puts the dollar bills.  Eventually, when he wants something that is his decision to buy , he will have that choice because this is his money.  All moment by moment, but all positive.  

More than that, I am the only relative who does not buy toys–he has enough to stock a toy store–for occasions.  I sometimes feel left out that I am not watching the toys being opened, but I am starting funding for his college fund.  This is important.

But it is also an open conversation with my son and daughter-in-law as they now have two sons within 23 months of each other to plan a future for.   It is the legacy we all want for them.  I share all of this because I am in the moment living money day by day, and a legacy does not just happen…  You create it…just like Liam is already an Indians’ fan!

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