Forget the Money Myths and Believe in the Miracles

As we proceed down life’s path, there are many who will offer their advice as to how to find happiness with money.  Many times, this advice can be a myth, and many times it is meant to share the fear that others have experienced in their financial lives.  But this is your journey, and it is not a destination, and there can be miracles along the way that only you can experience.  This is YOUR journey, no one else’s!

People will tell you that you need a lot of money to invest.  But starting small is really the way to realize  a  miracle many years down the road.  While I could, I will not give you investment advice; I do not do that any longer.  I just want to put you in the right frame of mind to start investing even with the smallest amounts of money. 

People will also tell you that investing is like gambling.  But anyone who has ever witnessed a miracle knows that there has been some risk somewhere somehow.  Look at it as an opportunity and not as a threat to your future security!

People will tell you that you must start at a low salary to get started.  Do not believe them.  You need to look at what your skills are and how much they are worth on today’s market.  AND, and this is a big AND, look thoroughly at what you will need to meet your obligations and what your potential for a salary is; then proceed.  really, I work with many who have no idea how much they need to “get started” on their own.  And then for years, they suffer, and not quietly.  Be realistic on both ends of what you provide and what you are worth–do not settle.  Settling happens out of fear and rarely brings happiness.

Published by Janice Marie


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