Getting Back in the Flow

Getting Back in the Flow

Dec 7, 2016, 2:56:35 PM Opinion

It all started out a week ago with a tightening in my throat.  I am very sensitive to throat issues because they have been with me since I was a toddler…tonsils removed, strep throat history, complications from bronchial issues, and more.  So, when I became educated about the chakras, I am very aware of what happens when the throat chakra is out of balance.  Maybe too aware.  So, 7 days ago, the tightening led to full blown loss of voice.  Then the rest of the upper respiratory experience bloomed. It has not been pretty, but I totally take responsibility for this.  It does not matter, nor do I know, whose germs led to this.  It does not matter.

In my simplified terms, when a chakra is out of balance, I am out of the “flow”.  

Instead of pitying myself, I began the  journey down the path to wellness, not just the throat.  If I was going to be sick, I was going to make the best of this, no matter how long it would take.  Interesting take on this.  I fully believe I was out of the flow, and I needed to get back in, no matter what it would take.  So I set out to do just that.  I had no idea what I had started.  

I was ready, and I began with the physical self-care.  Sleep, lots and lots of sleep; kleenex, lots and lots of kleenex; healthy food, lots and lots of healthy food.  It was just the start.  I was not fit to be in public, and 7 days later I am still not fit to be in any social situation.  Cough syrup, throat lozenges, kleenex, and no voice?  Supposedly, I am no longer contagious, but I am not fit to be in public.  

So then it was figuring out what to do with my calendar for the week…that was conservative.  I have cancelled just about everything this week and most of next week.  And then it hit.  I needed to redirect my focus and priorities, and I began something that cannot be reversed.  This was what the redirection had to be about.

In most situations, I am high energy; I am involved in a lot dealing with my entrepreneurial ventures.  2017 will have some new commitments, which I worked hard to gain and I look forward to.  There will be flexibility in my life with this new subcontractor opportunity, the totality of which I am not aware of yet until it begins in the coming months.  So, one of the first things to go was a three-year involvement as a subcontractor developing business networks with a good friend and respected business coach.  This had been rumbling about in my mind for several weeks since I found that I had been chosen for the role.  Monday of this week, that was my first decision:  to terminate that agreement.  

Yesterday’s decision was in relation to finding the right mechanic as I move forward lovingly with my 2007 Camry, which I love.  That became an interesting situation the last few weeks.  I want to trust my dealer, but there were some questionable actions on their part.  Yesterday, with GOD as my chosen mechanic (cannot spend the time to explain that here), feeling horrible but this appointment had to happen, I was out in the freezing, chilling Ohio rain and found that the dealer did the right thing, and my car is absolutely fine.  Thank you, God.  

While sleep is a priority, it is not working well right now with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and coughing, and I was awake at 4 AM this morning.  It is generally a very productive time, and today was no exception.  

All in all, this is a restructuring time.  Since I am at low energy and not socially acceptable, I am determined to find my flow–not the old flow, but a new flow.  It occurred to me that this is the first time in my life–my total life–that I am ok enough financially that I can breathe, figuratively at least, to take this time and find my right path before the new year arrives.  This is not easy work; it is very difficult, but I am taking the time that is needed to be in my flow as 2017 arrives

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