Going Backwards to Move Forward

Going Backwards to Move Forward

Dec 4, 2016, 4:24:07 PM Creative

Today is an introspective day, especially since the physical voice I lost on Thursday has not returned to any significant degree.  I have learned patience thankfully.  But it is still concerning.  I am a very disciplined, headstrong person who thrives on achievement.  I am the butterfly who pollinates ideas of all I care for.  But today, I have to remind myself of what I already know.  I do not have to do everything all at once.  I just need to do the next right thing.

For weeks, I disregarded the wisdom within my heart to slow down and take the time to prepare for 2017–to step back and realign myself with what I know is mine to do in 2017.  But I am my own worst listener at times, and this is one of those times.  And I know the Universe stepped in to make me stop, not slow down, STOP.  Looking back at the past week, even grandson Liam was sending the message on our long walks in nature.  He introduced the “STOP” game to me.  He would run ana run and suddenly STOP and yell STOP!  It was a game to me then, but it is not a game today–it was another sign from the Universe, and I still did not listen.  Two days later, my voice was gone!

So now, I have come back to the photo of the caterpillars I took at Miller Nature Preserve this summer.  It is a reminder for me to do what I must do…step back into the cocoon and wait for the time of the butterfly to emerge again.  And it will.  In the meantime I am rescheduling meetings that require input from me–I have no voice.  I do not know when it will return.  But I am in a state of acceptance.  I am in a state of receptivity until it does.  And I like that, too.

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