Holding My Own Hand

Holding My Own Hand

Sep 7, 2016, 4:59:07 PM Business

with Your Money…..

Holding My Own Hand…


Learning to love myself has taken years, but it is working.  It is definitely a first step on the road to happiness!  But more than that, it has helped me learn that it is okay to be an “original”.  Really.  The last five years creating my company Empower Excellence has been a journey of originality.

As a financial planner for many years, it was hard to be an original.  Major corporations want everyone to follow the corporate “plan”.  But I found that the “plan” cared more for the corporate bottom line than the client’s best interest.  Not good!  But my clients liked, and sometimes loved, me and what I did for them because I cared for them.  I learned in the early 2008’s how to hold my own hand to do the right thing for the clients.  It led to my becoming wildly unfavorite with my corporate managers.  But that is history…

Holding my own hand, which does look like I am praying and I was, led me to leave the corporate world, begin my own company, fight my own battles, and find out who I really am, and I have found that I do love me after all of this!  I have found my voice, and it is a good thing because being an original requires that I speak 10x louder than I ever did before.  My message is original, and it takes time for people to understand the unfamiliar without having contempt for it.  I have found rules within Adam Grant’s ORIGINALS which I would like to share if you as an “original” want to make an impact.


  1. Question the default (the mainstream idea of what you do.)
  2. Triple the number of ideas you generate.
  3. Immerse yourself in a new domain.
  4. Procrastinate strategically.
  5. Seek more feedback from peers.
  6. Balance your risk portfolio.
  7. Highlight the reasons not to support your ideas.
  8. Make your ideas more familiar.
  9. Speak to a different audience.
  10. Be a tempered radical.
  11. Close the gap.
  12. Don’t try to calm down.
  13. Focus on the victim.
  14. Realizing you are not alone.
  15. Without me, the status quo will persist.



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