Hope is a Major Step to Happiness!

Hope is a Major Step to Happiness!

Aug 6, 2016, 4:27:41 PM Creative

There is so much to say today, but I really do not want to go on for pages…

Let’s just say that my friend Tama Kieves got it right today when she wrote “Many of us have believed that if there’s a loving Universe, then everything goes our way.”  Well, I am with her totally when she also shares in her writings that it does not always work that way.  Most of us know that, but we do feel abandoned when nothing goes our way.   It is a trust in the Universe’s love–God’s love–that things will go our way when they are supposed to.  I guess it is what we call “faith”.  

But there is more to it than that…I remember as a child that “Faith, Hope, and Charity” was often heard in a Catholic school setting.  There was also “Faith, Hope, and Love”.  All is good with either.  But the “Hope” is what gets us from “nothing going our way” to “everything going our way”.   “Hope” or “expectation”, “trust”, or “confidence” is what let’s us keep dreaming even when we are not in a position to fulfill our needs much less our wants.  It is HOPE!  It is a basic premise of Empower Excellence…to make it through a life transition  to s better and with more promise.  

In the past days, I have been totally falling apart in several areas including the money part of my business because others–mostly institutions–have been refusing to let go of money that is mine.  It is most frustrating when this is an area of my expertise and when “professionals” just refuse to cooperate or communicate.  But then suddenly it turns to a release…lots of good news.  It is like when the caterpillar finally realizes that it is about to become a butterfly…It is a thing of beauty.  It is called HOPE…

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