On a Vibrational Journey...Don't Need No Caffeine!

On a Vibrational Journey...Don't Need No Caffeine!

Oct 28, 2016, 3:17:25 PM Opinion

Oh yes, I am on a journey for that is wha life is.  And there is no end to the journey.  There is no moment in time when I can announce “I am done, I have done what I am meant to do in this life!”  You can say it, but it will prove you wrong every time.  Abraham, through Esther Hicks, has shared a line of wisdom that made me stop and think (Much of what she says makes me stop and think!).  This is not an exact quote, but the intent is that if we live in the NOW, there is no tomorrow for when tomorrow arrives, it is the NOW, and it goes on and on.  Simply profound.

 More than that, I have discovered on this journey that I am on a vibrational high, so much  so that I no longer need caffeine or any other energetic enhancing substance.  And, I finally realize that I do attract other high energy–high vibrational folks–in most parts of my life.  Or, they are folks who want to be on a higher vibrational level.  It has been a major awareness that has been awakened…I get my high from myself and others who are on a similar vibrational level.  Whether we are that way 100% of the time is not relevant for we know how to manage our vibrations so that we are on the higher level most of the time.  It is vibrational energy that drives us, makes us happy, and keeps us on the journey with no end

Published by Janice Marie

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