There is a Place and a Limit to Writing in the Sand!

Living moment to moment is a perfect place to be for writing in the sand.  It is not forever, and it surely will not be there tomorrow.  I ave learned to bless the limitations I have found in my life:  living in the moment and being blessed by impermanence.  Those limitations lead me to my longing and power.  It keeps me on my toes…  It also helps me learn to find my place at any given moment.  

With about 100 women as members of my networking groups, not everyone is patient, not everyone lives in the moment, and not everyone knows where their place is in the scheme of things.  Yes, I have many impatient people in my life.  They used to really bug me, but that does not work on finding my “happy place”.  Yesterday was yesterday, and I was on the road.  I handle many emails as they occur between meetings.  Sometimes I need to be in my office to reference the appropriate response.  Today, I am in my office, and even before 9 am, a second email appeared on a non urgent matter which I will research and respond to today.  Yes, in the past, I would have jumped and put that request to the head of the line, but, as you see, that is not happening.  I have a rhythm and flow in my life.  I work solo, and I love it.  I am not lonely working solo–I do not look for opportunities to socialize as I find them in my regular scheduled week.  I am not a negative thinker–I have learned to like and trust myself. so I am not looking for outside communication to validate me.  I am very self-disciplined–I always have been, but as a solo entrepreneur I am successful because I keep fine-tuning that value in my life.  

I have found my place not only in my business world but also in my personal, spiritual, and creative lives.  Isn’t it time everyone try to find their place so that they no not disrupt the world of those who have found their place?

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