This is One Battle

This is One Battle

Sep 14, 2016, 4:15:44 PM Opinion

This is one battle that I choose not to fight, at least not openly and verbally.  I am a good reader of people, especially when people, while still in integrity and within their values, say one thing and really mean another.  I am not a quiet, keep it all to myself person, especially when it comes to my integrity and values.  And when an especially good friend who I respect and hold close is sending mixed messages, something is wrong with this picture.  I am also quite perceptive, and my interpretation is this person is feeling threatened in certain areas of our relationship.  

My initial analysis to create a more harmonious transition for us was for me to acknowledge to myself what the situation was and how best to come to terms with it for me.  And that was, not for me to let the relationship rest quietly,  but for me to take the quiet position in the relationship for a while tending the relationship.

That made perfect sense to me…until this morning.  

Part of my morning ritual is to receive and read a message from The Universe’s Mike Dooley through  And that message was:  

“Give it thought, Janice.  Consider every angle.  And then speak your mind.

You’ve not been drawn into anyone’s life just to listen.

Loud and proud, The Universe

You’re not here to be quiet, Janice.  Actually, you’re one of my spokes-peeps.”

Ok, ok, first it was the messages through Doreen Virtue, and now Mike Dooley from The Universe?  As a student of spirituality and The Universe, I know when my messages are coming through loud and clear intuitively and literally!    The irony of all of this was the subject matter in this relationship has been about intuition and being a student of life.  Being politically correct has always been a strong point for me.  The politically correct approach was my initial one.  Stepping out of the fear of not being politically correct, I am not to keep quiet.  But my message will be spoken through intention and through energy.  I do believe I have made the next move through transformation…so is this a battle I am choosing to fight or not to fight.

Intuition plays a large part in transmitting energetic messages to others without speaking a word…  So I begin this energetic exercise with a smile on my face as I know my friend will receive this energetic message before we even come upon each other in person again.  You see, in addition to their integrity and values, I respect their energy

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