This Was a Day Lacking in Focus

This Was a Day Lacking in Focus

Sep 13, 2016, 8:22:26 PM Life and Styles

Today was a simple day.  Today was a day that began with a solid 8 hours of sleep.  Today was a good meditation day.  Today was a healthy eating day.  Today was a horrible traffic day.  Today was a day when I was in the flow, traffic or not!  

Today was the day that Archangel Michael appeared in the middle of my third eye chakra during meditation.  That was a first.  That was a big one!

Today was the day I was not a good driver as I tried to be on time for my new eye doctor appointment.  Today I was confused by mixed instructions from my doctor and my insurer for that eye doctor appointment.  Today I was patient as it took 2 hours for the eye appointment.  Today I was impressed by professional medical professionals working to find a solution for my health coverage.  Today I had no copay.  Today I had a great eye checkup!

Today, as I left my new eye doctor’s appointment  I saw that my friend’s new business, Custom Fit Kids, was right across the street.  Today I expand that friendship be spending time talking with her best friend at her business.

Today, I learn that a periodic payment is coming my way!  Today I buy gas for 1.81 a gallon.  Today, I step out of my comfort zone and have a slice of Speedway pizza (really?) because I need to eat to stay healthy.  Today I step further out of my comfort zone, make a phone call, and have a new, improved hairstyle within an hour.  Today I am happy.

Today my garage door opener simply stopped working, but today I also found the missing garage door opener–of course, it no longer works because the code has been reprogrammed!  

Today was a day without focus, a day I would have liked to play hooky and sleep more and more.  But today, going with the flow led to a day that has made me very happy.  And the day is not yet over…let the flow continue

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