What Difference Does One Blocked Chakra Make?

What Difference Does One Blocked Chakra Make?

Sep 18, 2016, 5:01:43 PM Life and Styles

What Difference Does One Blocked Chakra Make?


Happiness does not come easily once you become educated  about so many things.  All of a sudden you know what can go wrong and what does go wrong.  A wise person told me recently that I am a deep student of life, and their comment was correct.  I have been pursuing spiritual wisdom and joy since the mid-90’s.  That period of time was chaotic because everyone and everything I had believed in was no longer trusted in my soul.   Long story, and it is over, so let us go on.  Religion was not a good thing for me because of its structured inflexibility.  Not until major moves in the late 90’s did I begin to find my spiritual footing.  And it was no loner conventional religion.  I embarked on a path that led me to many paths, and I am so grateful for all of those paths today.  i am no longer who I was.  I have traveled some very rocky roads to gt today and to get to yesterday in particular.  

Having said all of that…yesterday was a “personal” day with friends and new experiences.   That was how it started.  How it ended was so much more.  Through a new type of energy work, and a lot of it in one afternoon, the one chakra that has been blocked for years finally opened up in a very overpowering display of energy.  It left me exhausted followed by 12 hours of sleep.  This morning, rested enough, I began to journal the experience and through the journaling a pattern of time emerged.  My sacral chakra has been blocked since early 2010.  My openness, my sexuality, and my creativity began to shut down at that time because of a traumatic end to a very long-term relationship.  I was threatened by my own powers, and I turned inward in many respects.  In addition, I began to find my own very personal path through my career, through my emotions, and through all of my relationships.  I had to be in control; that was my power moving forward.  No one was going to ever put me in the position I found myself at that time–no one, not ever.  Today, I am still shedding tears as I write this.  It was sad at that time, but I did not see it, I did not shed the tears, I kept moving forward, always in control!  Always!  There should have been tears at that time, but they did not come.  Today, the tears are of release.  Six long years later, and a whole lot of change where my creativity won out.  Thank God for that.  Now I am ready for opening the chakra, which began yesterday.  I am now ready to learn to recognize my emotions again  and allow them to be free.  Where that leads remains to be seen, but the soul has begun its work now that I have opened up my heart, my soul, and my chakra.  I am now working my way back to my creative, sexual spirit that I always was.  And I am ready for the new paths I am led to…for I know happiness awaits

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