Writing Tips Wednesday

Writing Tips Wednesday

Jun 30, 2021, 9:16:50 PM Creative

Today, Wednesday is known as Writing Tips Wednesday on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, the hashtag, in the event you want to participate, is #WednesdayWritingTips, not #WritingTipsWednesday. No matter.

This guide shares how to overcome Writer's Block in the event you want to participate.

Participation enables you to share your writing to new audiences on Twitter as well as meet like-minded writers who share the hashtag.

What to do if you have Writer's Block?

  1. Use an idea template. Here are the 50 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas these generic topics will suit any content niche. Have this resource handy if you are ever stumped for blog post topics on Writing Tips Wednesday or at any other time of the year.
  2. Use a Word Cloud Generator. Just enter random thoughts into the generator and see if an idea for a blog post doesn't strike you. Here are instructions for how to use a free Word Cloud Maker.

Do any ideas for a blog post jump out at you? This Word Cloud was used for my post about Word Cloud Generators. Instead of writing the post and then making the Word Cloud, make the Word Cloud and then write the post.

Idea 3: What if you have ideas but your computer is slow? Do you know what to do if you find Google Chrome slow? Clear your browser cache and close your tabs. That will speed up the performance of your computer.

Idea 4: Participate in #WordlessWednesday. Wordless Wednesday is another event on Twitter where you can post images and not need any words just the hashtag #WordlessWednesday.

Idea 5: If you need image ideas, use a Pinterest video downloader. You can use a Pinterest downloader to download images too. Just post the image with the hashtag. Give the link to source credit in the twee.

What NOT to do to get ideas.

Too many people, believing plagiarism is common commit incremental plagiarism. Incremental plagiarism is stealing part of someone's writing without giving source credit which is not okay.

Wrapping Up

In closing, this post shared 5 actions you can take if you want to participate in Twitter events for content creators but can't due to Writer's Block or computer trouble. This post also shared what not to do if you have Writer's Block.

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