New World's Helpful Gem Cheat Sheet

New World's Helpful Gem Cheat Sheet

Jan 4, 2022, 11:18:24 AM Entertainment

A die-hard New World gamer created a memo list to give other fans a quick look at the effects and uses of the game's gems.

It's been a few months since Amazon Games' New World came out on the PC. With the title's seemingly endless bugs and glitches, many players new and old are wondering whether it's still worth playing New World and investing the game time. Despite all of these problems, the players who stay loyal to the game and enjoy it seem to be very supportive of their own community. One such New World fan even made an easy-to-digest but detailed memo list to help other players learn more about the gems in the game.

Most Amazon MMORPG players would likely agree that the sheer number of out-of-the-box activities available in the New World can be overwhelming. While players have a limited number of New World weapons at their disposal, they can develop countless skills such as fishing, mining, chopping wood, cooking, and more. One of the basic but indispensable skills is stone cutting, which allows players to cut and polish raw gems that can then be used in weapons and armor. With more than 10 gemstones to choose from, the easy-to-use reference sheet can be a real lifesaver for the hardcore crafter.

On Reddit, the user NyanPrime shared a photo of his New World Gems memo sheet with other players in the thread. The one-sided arc describes the 14 gems found in the game and what they look like when used in various weapons and New World armor layers. On the memo sheet, the players also find out which elementary particles they need to refine the gemstones into higher-quality versions, and how many particles are required for each higher level.

I have a Gems Cheat Sheet from New World Game

Many of the comments thanked NyanPrime for providing a reference page, largely because they generously linked to a high-quality version so that other players could easily download and access the file without going online. Some people made additional suggestions that were taken into account in the original posters and included on the memo sheet. With the information on how to make gemstones in the New World at a glance, hardcore gamers may be able to make these items faster and more conveniently.

The number of players in the New World may be decreasing, but the existing players are still producing a lot of content. Hopefully, Amazon's continued efforts to improve the game will not go unnoticed and help keep the current number of players logging into the MMORPG.

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