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I am so not good in writing this section of a profile. Please bear with me. xD


Greetings my friends!

My name is Jannin. I'm a girl from a small city in the island somewhere in Asia. I'm currently in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


I started my love of reading ever since I'm young. Though I just started reviewing books on my blogs earlier this year. I have reviewed a lot of books so far in my blogs and a little about 21 books on my Goodreads. I've experienced being a guest reviewer on a site about books before though I don't know if the site is still operating. And since that moment, I realized that reviewing books is a good thing for someone like me, the only family member who reads with no one to talk and share the book feels to.



Enough with my booknerd-ing history. Let's go to some random stuffs about me.


Like I said, I'm a girl. But I don't act like one. I'm not exactly a lesbian or something but I just don't act like a lady, prim and proper and feminine. I act like a boy sometimes, talk like a boy, and sometimes dress like a boy but I am seriously straight. I just don't waste time in front of a mirror putting layers and layers of make up.


I'm a carefree and free-spirited type of human being. I laugh really loud, talk loud, express my thoughts freely and just practically be myself. I don't really care what other people say about me. Because I believe in a philosophy that no matter what you do people will always have something to say to you.


I'm shy at first but when you get to know me, I swear it will be fun! I have a resting bitch face so don't get fooled by it. I'm actually a nice person. ^^,



Currently, I have three active blogs in which you can visit here


I also have Goodreads, Instagram, and my Twitter is in the link in my profile.



That's pretty much about myself. Thanks for reading up to here. Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or whatever or just want to talk to someone. I can give advises right about anything. ^_^ I'm an open minded person and I don't judge.

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