Sep 7, 2016, 7:23:46 PM Creative

Your smile, it sets 
Sunflowers ablaze 
Making me forget 
About every difficult phase 

Reflecting back my image 
As I stare in a daze, 
They lock me in a cage 
The jailer, your face. 

Cannot move and 
Cannot see 
Don't understand, 
If we're meant to be 

No flaw in your appearance, 
No defect in your talk 
Your words give me an abundance 
Of clarity and of thought. 

My memory never stops raving 
About the wonderful sight I saw, 
When all i did was to bring 
It back after capturing you in awe 

No story is enough 
To enchant me more,
Than thinking about your laugh 
And what else we have in store. 

But I cant tell, 
I don't want you to believe ;
That I'm your living hell, 
Who is here to deceive.

Published by Jasmine Dar


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