Who am I? 

I think to myself 

Every compliment is a lie, 

A thought i had buried 

in the deepest shelf

Am i like that butterfly? 

With no care in the world, 

Or am i way too shy 

To even utter a word? 

Am i like that stone? 

Easy to move and mould, 

Suffering in silence alone, 

Always in the cold     

Am i like the sky? 

Head high with pride, 

Arrogance, my ally 

Confidence in each stride. 

Or perhaps i am smart, 

Avoiding those decisions 

Taken by the heart.

Do I reflect my mind? 

Accustomed to the daily grind 

To work hard and win, 

Facing problems with a grin

I dont understand 

The various people on this land 

Criticizing one another 

On the way they walk, 

The way they stutter. 

No need for classification 

For everyone is a mixture, 

An original creation 

Each with a unique nature.

Published by Jasmine Dar

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