Lush Purchases

Lush Purchases

Aug 25, 2016, 6:34:25 PM Life and Styles

Hai guys! Sorry there was no post yesterday. It was because I spent the day in Cardiff but I didn't buy much but I thought for todays blog I would share with you the 3 things I bought from Lush. So lets do this! Also remember to like and comment down below your favourite Lush product.

Okay so now a days when I go to Lush it is hard to find things I haven't tried yet as I have used most of their bath bombs and bubble bars but I managed to grab 3 new things to try!

Avobath Bath Bomb


Surprisingly I haven't tried this one yet even though it was one of the first bath bombs Lush made. I think that's because I usually go for the ones with tons of colours first. I'm not sure how it will be as I haven't tried it yet. But, keep up to date with my Instagram and I will test all my bath bombs and stuff there! But I will say it smells amazing!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar


The next thing I bought was this Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. When I go to Lush I usually tend to buy atleast 1 Bath Bomb and 1 Bubble Bar. Again, I haven't tried this yet but if you want to see what it will look like it will be on my Instagram some point in the next 3 days. This smells like cotton candy and vanilla so if your not a fan of sweet scents you might not like this one.

Monsters And Aliens Fun


Okay, so for the last thing I was a bit troubled in what to get as I then realized I had basically tried all their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars in that shop. So then I thought I should get a bar of fun as I have only had that once before. If you don't know what fun is, it's a bar of clay almost and while your in the bath you can mold it into different creations and shapes. But, you can also use it as a bubble bar, shampoo or just soap so it has multiple ways of how you can use it and you can get a few baths out of it. The one I got smells amazing!

So that's everything and again, you can see me try these out on my Instagram at some point in the next 3 days so go check that out my Instagram is Jazzzblogs. Also you can buy any of these products or anything else online here - I defiantly recommend you buying something from here they do the best bath stuff you will ever see! They also do lip scrubs, soaps, hair masks and tons of other stuff. I hoped you liked it. Remember to leave a like if you did and comment down below your favourite Lush product. Bye for now!

Jaz xx

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