A Letter To My Future Daughter


The world is going to try and break you down –
Don’t let it.
They’ll tell you that you’re not enough, or that you’re too much –
Don’t listen.
Don’t change who you are for someone else,
And never, ever apologize for being yourself.

You’re going to make mistakes –
Accept them,
Learn from them,
Revel in them,
And don’t fear them,
For our failures are our greatest lessons in life.

You are only given one body in this life –
Treat it with love and respect, for it is a beautiful home for your lovely soul.
Don’t hurt it or compare it to others,
Or hate it for what it is not.
It is beautiful, and it is perfect.
You are beautiful and perfect.

Be kind,
But never tolerate injustice or mistreatment to yourself of others,
And never be afraid to say “no” or stand up for what’s right.
If anyone dares enter the temple that is your body without your consent,
You have every right to protect yourself.
You are in control.

Girls like girls,
And boys like boys.
You don’t have to live your life defined by gender, sexuality, or social norms.
You can love your friends,
And strangers too –
Don’t let words and definitions control you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions,
and surround yourself with those who support and empower you.
Don’t hesitate to let someone know
Just how much they mean to you,
Because you never know when
You’ll see them last.

Be strong,
Be brave,
And be unapologetically you.
Fall in love,
And sing in public.
​Most of all, live your life for you, and no one else.

Published by Jasmine Uitto


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