Broken Soul From Apartment #4

Broken Soul From Apartment #4

Jan 10, 2017, 8:41:23 PM Creative

This poem was originally published on my personal blog, which you can find the link to on my profile.  Be on the lookout, because it may evolve to something more!


Vintage records are playing loud

To mask the sound

Of  your despair

As teardrops soak the only sweater that you wear -


And you wonder what went wrong.


The candles have all burned out

And every rose has wilted now

You’re left alone in the dark with nothing but the smell

Of a love too headstrong to ever end well


And your boyfriend’s hanging out in bathroom stalls

While you

Drive past your best friend’s house

But she’s not there -

She never will be;

You’re simply hanging on to a memory

That’s slowly fading but is still so bold and beautiful

For now.

Published by Jasmine Uitto

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