Fully Alive

Fully Alive

Dec 9, 2016, 11:45:53 PM Creative

I flirt with death

And make love to danger;

There’s always been something comforting about discomfort

And I feel safest in the most

Unsafe situations.


I laugh in the face of danger

Not because I am unafraid,

But because I know that things only seem dangerous

When we haven’t yet adjusted to them
And that the greatest risks always come with the greatest rewards.


Maybe that’s why I fell for you;

You were something different

In a sea of old routines and safe normality.

You taught me that even if I survive,

There’s no way I’ll ever make it out fully alive.


You taught me that the greatest lessons can

Come from the worst people, and that

The safety that society preaches

Will never be enough to quench

The thirst for adventure that consumes me.


Published by Jasmine Uitto

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