If These Walls Could Talk.

If These Walls Could Talk.

Apr 10, 2017, 5:31:22 PM Creative

If these walls could talk,

they’d scream.

They’d scream out to the shell

Of the girl

Who lived inside of them,

And hold her when she

Leaned against them and cried.

Cracks appear on the ceiling

Like the wrinkles of a worried mother

And they moan and creak as if to say

“You’re not alone.”


If these walls could talk,

They’d yell

At the boy who took advantage

Of the girl,

Who crawled inside her empty body

Because he had nowhere else to go,

Two lost souls trying to find a home

In the other’s empty spaces,

But their bodies remained cold,

Even as they were pressed up against each other

In an attempt to stop feeling so alone.


If these walls were alive,

They’d hold

The girl when no one else was there

To hold her.

They’d pick her up when she couldn’t stand

On her own.

They’d take away the razors

And the knives

And the liquor

And the pills

And the pain -

If these walls could talk, maybe she’d be here to tell them her name.

Published by Jasmine Uitto

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