Loving Like An Empath

Loving Like An Empath

Feb 13, 2017, 4:49:15 PM Creative

I can fall in love with anything,


A novel with the last page missing


The way the car tires spin on a certain highway,

As my hair flies freely out the window and

My outstretched fingers grasp the wind,

Holding onto nothing and everything

All at once.


Little pieces of my soul get left


Everywhere I go, for I fall in love with everything

In front

Of me; it’s tiring when every bit of life takes

A bigger piece of you each day but

I like to think that our souls are

Forever embedded into every object we fall in love with,

That we can’t ever really



I often wish I didn’t feel so


About every little thing, but how boring a


Life must be; how sad to go through your entire existence

Without falling in love with something or someone -

Frivolous falling and laughter mixed with tears

Is the fuel my soul runs on -

It hurts a lot but sometimes, if you’re lucky, it can be the

Greatest gift you could ever


Published by Jasmine Uitto

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