Mar 27, 2017, 5:45:31 PM Creative

I close my eyes and imagine a night in the summer -

Some sort of alternate universe where

My wrists are clean from vivid desperation 

And you still look at me with loving fascination;

Where every kiss feels like the first

And we drink each other's passion with unquenchable thirst


The night is cold but still

Warm enough to lay belly up on top of the old theater;

there's something about laying three stories above the small town streets

That makes us feel as though there is no room for defeat-

Our fingers intertwined

Beneath deep indigo skies


I stand barefoot 

At the ledge,

Arms outstretched

I ask you if you've ever flirted with death -

"Every day," you reply as you light up a cigarette,

"But it's not caught up to me quite yet."


Have you ever 

Danced under the milky moonlight?

(let me drink it off your skin)

Or run

Barefoot through rainy city streets?

(drown me in your kiss like the rain drowns the rats in the sewer)

Published by Jasmine Uitto


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