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Working on a new piece can be stressful sometimes. Especially when you are trying to do a certain pose and can't find proper reference material. I love the human form both male and female. I find the female form a little more fun to draw because their bodies have lovely curves usually. Most people are surprised by that since I'm gay. When I'm drawing, painting, or sculpting the human form it's not a sexual experience. It's a appreciation of beauty. Everyone's bodies are different and I love different body types in varying poses. I like to work on poses that showcase a certain area of the body. this depends on the build of the  body. I love deep shadows on a mans back. Theirs something beautiful about a muscular back, elegant and poetic. The human form is just amazing. 

I find it hard to find poses online in the artist reference photo's that speak to me. I'm thinking about once I get a decent camera and a place where I have room. I would like taking my own reference photo's. I'm not sure how to go about finding models though. Maybe model agencies? I would like varying body types and ages of the models. I'm not sure how to go a bout approaching that. It could be taken wrong if I just put an ad out for it. " Artist wants to take nude pictures of you for cash". I'm not sure how I would word it. I have time to figure it out, but thought I would post about it and maybe someone has opinions and ideas for me. If you do please point me in the right direction! I'm not skilled enough to do the human form from memory yet. I can't seem to lay out the body correctly without reference. I know lots of artists are like this, but I would like to get where I can do a pose from my mind without reference. 

Much love & Blessed Be!!!


Published by Jason Howell

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