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I'm all for advertising your company and getting your name out there. I think giving your customers discounts is great also. I just wish they wouldn't waste so much paper. It's just wasteful and unnecessary. 

This is kind of funny, but annoying also. I get coupons from a certain cigarette company at least once month. They are great coupons and are usually $2 off a pack which is a great saving. The thing is I don't smoke. I definitely wouldn't smoke this brand. I just let them keep coming because my parents smoke this brand. My biggest problem getting them is all the paper waste that comes with them. They send all this unnecessary paper. If you look at the picture you will see what I mean. All that for just four coupons that were $2 off a pack. My parents who smoke don't get coupons that good! Maybe they are trying to persuade me into starting to smoke. Trying to brainwash me with cool imagery.

This little booklet of waste is just pictures. There's five or six pages with pictures of someone pin striping a car, hanging next to one of those cars that bounces up and down (I'm not cool enough to know what those are called), and a guy hanging out in a vintage car. Giving the looks of how you will look if you smoke cigarettes. You will look awesome. There's even a phrase on one page that says "THERE IS FLAVOR WHERE BOLD SPIRIT THRIVES" In all caps like that. Does this imagery make you want to smoke? It doesn't me. Maybe I can be cool and hang out in vintage cars if I start smoking. I'm going to blow your mind. You can hang out in awesome vintage cars and not smoke and your car won't stink! These great coupons aren't worth my health in my opinion. 

I think this paper waste is ridiculous. I can guarantee no one that gets these little booklets looks through it. They get their coupons and discard the rest. I hope most at least recycle it and don't send it to the landfill. Why can't they send a simple envelope with the coupons inside? it would save them money too and they wouldn't be wasting so much paper. Why is this necessary? I'm not one for wasteful stuff. The Earth is in bad enough shape as it is without companies wasting materials like this. They are disposable and most likely just trashed. Dancing in the wind across an intersection near you! 

I'll finish with a question. What do you think of this paper waste? 

Much love!!!



Published by Jason Howell

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