Sports Venue Lighting: Traditional Halogen Vs. LED Lights

Sports Venue Lighting: Traditional Halogen Vs. LED Lights

Sep 22, 2021, 8:31:16 PM Life and Styles

In recent times, sports fans have seen multiple changes in the sports business. This includes upgrading from the traditional lights mediums to power-efficient LED lighting. Earlier, stadiums and sports arenas used metal halides and halogen lights to improve the game’s broadcast quality. Nowadays, the versatility of LED flood lights holds more potential in the world of sports. 

Changing from halogen lights to LED

It is imperative that the proper lighting improves the visibility among sports players and spectators. It also enhances the quality of the stadium and arenas. In addition, the owners can enjoy significant savings due to lower power consumption when they switch to LED flood lights.

Proper LED lighting provides the best lighting inside the field area and reduces the standard maintenance requirement of the lights. In addition, the energy percentage of the lights is not lost due to the presence of proper heat sinks inside the fixtures. 

Like ordinary halogen bulbs where energy consumption was more, there were issues of flicker seen with the light fixtures after some time. Halogen counterparts used to waste a lot of energy and were very costly. 

The projection of light is also a significant factor. Shadow and underlit corners of the sports stadium create panic among the players and spectators. Therefore, lumen depreciation was a matter of concern when it came to halogen lights. The grounds can be illuminated uniformly with LED lights, and the arena managers can boost their revenues.

The LED lights do not flicker, and the brightness covers a large area inside the stadium. The result is better performance and safety conditions for sports players. Furthermore, one can activate the LED flood lights instantly, and they can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the stadium outdoors perfectly. The LED lights also bring down the expenditure costs by 40%.

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