Selecting an enclosed trailer to buy is the safest option

Selecting an enclosed trailer to buy is the safest option

May 21, 2021, 5:19:57 PM Business

For many people having some form of cargo trailer is an essential purchase. When you are often moving equipment or such having a single axle enclosed trailer becomes vital so you transport things easily and safely. Choosing an enclosed trailer over an open one despite the additional cost is something many opt for because of the security. Whatever you move in your trailer is protected from the elements, and safe from thieves.

Single and double door trailers

Enclosed trailers come with either single or double doors as the way in and some have a ramp too if you are moving around heavy items. The ramp then folds back away and the doors close. Some trailers have the option of a sliding side door for easy and quick access when you do not want to deal with the ramp. This means whatever you are moving is completely protected from the sun, gravel on the roads, rain, hail and so on. A 4x8 enclosed trailer keeps your cargo from being exposed.

You cannot lock up an open trailer

As mentioned, the other main reason for choosing a single axle enclosed trailer or some other enclosed example is that you can lock them. If you have to travel somewhere long distance and need to stop overnight somewhere, your cargo is locked in the trailer and secure. When people see an open trailer with tempting cargo they can just lift out and walk away with, unfortunately, theft happens. An enclosed trailer hides the contents making it less a target of opportunity, and makes it harder to get into with the locking.

Why do people still buy open trailers if enclosed is safer?

Well, this really comes to some personal preference, what the cargo is, how far you will be travelling with it and so on. Enclosed trailers are heavier to pull which is more noticeable if the cargo you are pulling is light. But that lightness means it is less durable. Open trailers cannot take cargo as heavy as a 4x8 enclosed trailer plus you do not have to worry about things falling out! It comes down to money too. Open trailers are cheaper. The problem is if you end up buying an enclosed trailer still a year or two later, then you have spent more money not less!

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