7 Best Bartending Tips from Professional Bartenders

7 Best Bartending Tips from Professional Bartenders

Oct 24, 2018, 8:00:11 PM Business

Like in any job, professionalism vastly differentiates the whole picture from novices and amateurs, in Bartending as well. Professional bartenders are head and shoulder above in “managing” the bar-station, rather than just serving drinks to guests. Particularly in Events Bartending, hiring professional bartenders will go a long way in making the event a grand success, by winning the appreciation of the guests, and enhancing the prestige of the host, as a whole.

The basic difference from serving drinks in a commercial bar or pub, compared to that of an event, celebration, function or party is it’s a “one-day-affair”. So within the short-duration of the event, the bar-station should impress the guests vastly. This can be possible only by professional bartenders for sure.

When planning an event or celebration – be it Weddings, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties or Baby Showers etc. the hosts want to make it a run-away success, and win the appreciation of one and all. Everything related to the event is meticulously planned, only with this objective in mind.

The hosts want to entertain the guests by setting up a bar-station, where every guest is treated like a VIP or Guest of Honor, and gets 100% satisfaction.  There’re companies that provide professional bartenders on hire, as requested by the hosts.

As of today, things are made damn easy to engage professional bartenders, and entrust the entire responsibility of making the celebration successful, just by contacting them online.

Yet it’s pertinent to bear in mind, the following 7 Best Bartending Tips (as recommended by exponent professional bartenders in the field), while engaging the services of these professional companies for an event.

  1. The event-bartenders should be fully conversant of their tasks from A to Z, while carrying out their allotted jobs.

  2. Professional bartenders will help the host in keeping sufficient stock of required booze varieties, based on the budget.

  3. It should be their endeavor to “manage” the show from the start of the function to the end – till the last guest leaves the spot.

  4. Friendly service with a smile is a must, and by their courteous, careful and personalized service, they can easily make the guests feel immensely happy. This is the crux of their whole engagement on hire, as professional bartenders not only satisfy the host who hired them but also will enhance the goodwill of the company they’re from.

  5. The bartenders must work as a team, with perfect understanding with their fellow staff, in everything related with the bar-area, in keeping the bar-station eye-catching, clean and tidy and spontaneous in meeting the assorted requirements of the guests.

  6. It’s their responsibility to keep a watch on the stock of items available and use their prudence to serve the guests tactfully, without making an embarrassing situation of stocks running out.

  7. The professional bartenders can use their experience to improvise the options. Instead of old and worn-out fashion drinks, they should be in a position to mix and serve fabulously innovative fancy cocktails. The guests who taste them will certainly rave for a long time about this to their friends, relatives, and neighbors. Thus the guests will provide word-of-mouth advertisement to the service of their company, and the event to make the host feel proud.

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