How Football Streaming Is Conquering Southeast Asia

How Football Streaming Is Conquering Southeast Asia

Jan 11, 2018, 2:44:42 AM Sport

Football is popular and big all around the world, and it is interesting to see how it is developing in Southeast Asia. We are not only talking about the sport but also the ways to watch it, and online streaming is becoming the go-to option.

There have to be reasons for people to do that, and in this article, we will explain it all to you, so you can understand what it is all about.

  • Online Streaming Is Better Than Traditional Cable

People in Southeast Asian countries know it very well. To bring you a concrete example, let’s talk about Thailand. This country has a leading online streaming service known as beIN Sports, and it has conquered this market because it offers a reliable and high-quality service for a low price, and that is a winning combination.

Traditional cable can offer high quality and be reliable, but it is very expensive, especially when compared to online streaming, which can be several times cheaper.

If you can offer a better service for cheaper, then it is evident that you will win. That is exactly what is happening in this battle between online streaming and traditional cable, and so far now, the first option is winning it big time in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, depending on the provider, you can get access to incredible features like rewind, access to several leagues and competitions, broadcasting and more.

In summary, we can say that online streaming is far superior to the traditional way of watching football, and many persons in Southeast Asia can agree with us on that. It surpasses it in all senses, and therefore, it is a no-brainer.

Southeast Asians Are Real Football Fans

And this love is only growing stronger with the pass of the time. This region is heavily populated, and tons of them are real fans of football, even though their local teams are way below the level of European or South American clubs.

P, and this is one of the forces that is driving online streaming to the top, because it is the perfect way to enjoy their beloved sport.

Moreover, most companies bring them the chance to follow their favorite competitions:

  1. Premier League

  2. UEFA Champions League

  3. LaLiga

  4. Coupe de France

  5. SuperLiga Argentina

Watching these competitions with traditional cable can be very expensive, especially for people in Southeast Asian countries, but online streaming allows them to enjoy their favorite games for a reasonable price.

If you provide people with a way to enjoy their passion for a fair price, then what do you think will happen? Of course, people will love it and the service will grow in popularity, and that is exactly what is happening in this region.

  1. Competition Creates Greatness

There is a huge market of football fans as we have seen, and therefore, companies are interested in servicing them. This creates competition, and this is good, because it makes the service even better.

This competition promotes growth as well, which along with the real demand and the incredible features of the service, are what make football streaming so popular in Southeast Asia.

Final Words:

You know why football streaming is booming in this region. The evidence is here, because this combination of passion and demand with a service that delivers the goods is the perfect combination.

We can see a bright future for this service, because traditional cable is on decline and there is nothing that will stop it from falling even deeper.



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