Intro to Hiring a Web Developer

Intro to Hiring a Web Developer

Dec 28, 2017, 5:28:22 PM Tech and Science

If you’re planning on building a website and deciding not to undertake that process yourself, then it’s likely that you're aware that you will need the skills of a website development company or independent web developer to help you.

But are you aware of the skills that you should be looking for in your website developer?

And do you know the differences between web design and development? Here are some specific talents and skills your website development professionals should be equipped with so you can ensure you hire the right person for this important undertaking.

As this website will be a unique hub for your business that helps drive all of your collective goals, you need to ensure that you've found the right person for the task.

So what's a web developer and what do they do?

A web developer creates programs and applications for the internet, and can build every aspect of  a website from the foundations and framework to smaller features and functions of particular web pages.

Web developers create code that will determine exactly what the users see when they visit your page on their browser. They also develop code that powers the back end of the website, focusing on the mechanics of how the website performs.  They also need to develop the database technology which is what enables the website to run smoothly all the time.

Website developers usually learn one of these three key skills in order to create the entire website from the ground up!  In larger scale projects, web developers usually specialize in one area, for example, one website developer may work on the database technology, while another does the front end coding and a third works on the back-end coding.

So, what should you be looking for in a website development team?  You should ensure that all three of those key areas are met, and that they are able to code in client-side languages (front end), server-side languages (back-end) and database technologies.  Every website needs all three of these specific skill sets, so they are all equally important to the success of your web development.

So, what's the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Often there is an overlap as they work so closely together on the front end/ client side of the development, as everything they do impacts the look and feel of the website. Due to this, both web developers and web designers usually know the main front end coding languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

We hope this gave you a solid introduction into the industries of web design and web development.

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