Sports That Thai People Claim: A Heads Up for Online Streaming

This Industry Needs to Target More:

Although football, tennis, golfing, and yachting are already accessible through the beIN Sports Connect’s platform as part of their move into the online sports streaming industry in Thailand, we still believe there are some other notable sports which could do very well if they join forces with this emerging trend.

As the audience numbers increase, so too should the content being provided. In particular beIN Sports Connect, which rose in popularity through their partnership with a number of top European football leagues including the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Serie A, are already beginning to expand their market with more additions.

Apart from the ones already mentioned, we believe that making sports such as rugby, boxing/UFC, basketball, and local/regional competitions more accessible will go a long way into total control over the online sports streaming sector.

Rugby: There Is Demand in Thailand

First off, rugby, a very popular sport in Thailand at University level, but apart from that, it’s nowhere near as popular as football and incredibly hard to access, both for viewing or even competing.

The high intensity, adrenaline pumping action make this sport very exciting to watch, so if online streaming services are capable of capturing a top notch competition from abroad; it will surely be a win-win situation.

Not only will this be a beneficial additional to the service, but it will also be seen as a move to promote the sport in Thailand on a larger scale. Compared to football, rugby is currently rather hard to access, with very few venues showing a match live and only some channels choosing to broadcast it on a regular basis.

Boxing and MMA: Two Niches to Take into Account

Although boxing and UFC are two completely different sports, the recent bout between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor has brought about a new found popularity in both industries, attracting more fans on both ends of the spectrum.

Despite the popularity of the two now increasing in Thailand, it’s still rather hard to find venues which have the events on show. Often these events are shown in sports bars, but are often taking place early in the mornings where these venues have to open on special occasions.

If services like beIN Sports Connect can bring in both boxing and UFC, helping fans access them with ease, there will be tremendous potential for expansion.

Basketball: Because It Is Not Only Popular in the Philippines

Moving on, basketball is another popular sport in Thailand, with street courts often filled with teams playing on a rotation basis. Although also not as big as football, the sport is still considered large enough to warrant full time broadcasting rights. The NBA is a world famous competition which is already attracting a huge audience, but due to the lack of accessibility, not a lot of places seem to consider showing it live.

The fact that online sports streaming services would be able to deliver the sport of basketball right into the palm of your hands, means this could very well be the next big attraction for online sports providers such as beIN Sports Connect.

Regional and Local is the Way to Go:

Last but not least, another addition that will appeal to Thai audiences is the inclusion of local/regional sports competitions that aren’t as popular such as the smaller football leagues, boxing, or even rugby events that aren’t often shown live on TV.

Thailand is experiencing an important growth in several sports, and even though there is still a long way to go,  online streaming can help with this by bringing more viewers to these disciplines.

Exposure to these sports, both for the lower divisions or at the semi-professional level, could greatly increase the overall popularity of the sports as well as the event itself. This in turn will give the entire industry a major boost. With an increase in viewers, it will also serve as an inspiration to these participants to showcase their talents on a much broader level.

Connecting the audience with their favourite sport will go a long way in building strong, lasting relationships, to the benefit of not only the service provider, but also the consumer as well.

The Market Is Here:

The more additions to their available content, the larger the audience and the market reach will be, a move that will surely push the limit for online sports streaming. Like the domino effect, adding more sporting content to their online streaming services will mean more popularity of the service.

As mentioned, the increase in viewers will only create a larger demand for advertising space, especially down to the fact that streaming has an infinite reach and unlimited potential. In turn, more advertising will result in better funding, which will then lead to better innovations and even better availability and accessibility of content.

The Future is Bright for Online Streaming:

Due to more options being made available, if services like beIN Sports Connect continue to offer attractive short-term and long-term packages, the audience will surely be in for a treat when it comes to making payments to view sports online.

Paying the same fee but receiving much more sporting content is a huge win in our books! Yes, football is great, golfing is fun, tennis is exciting, and yachting is a new experience, but with sports like rugby, boxing/UFC, basketball, as well as local sports added into the fray, you’re in for a whole new level of sports entertainment.

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