Tech Employees Flock to Anonymous Social Network, Blind

Tech Employees Flock to Anonymous Social Network, Blind

Jan 26, 2019, 4:07:03 AM Business

There is a reason why even the employees of world-famous organizations like Amazon and Microsoft are using the services of Blind as this anonymous social network brings transparency to a workplace. It is a platform for all the professionals who wish to connect with other industry experts and the coworkers as well. By holding important conversations on an extensive range of topics, this application creates a perfect ground for spreading knowledge on a vast level. The platform of Blind is relevant for the fresher as well as an experienced one in the market so that he can easily seek for any advice from the verified professionals.

This social network also offers you a chance to connect with the colleagues depending upon the topics and interests, not the titles and levels. Nowadays, there is an urgent need for a secure place where the industry professionals can freely talk about their doubts and ask any questions. This is where Blind steps into the picture as it offers you absolute freedom to interact with the other experts and engage in significant conversations that is good for your professional growth. The mission of this social network is to break down all the professional barriers and work for the betterment of the community. By offering an impartial voice to everyone out there, Blind successfully empowers all the employees. All the tech employees have been attracted to this platform because it gives value to who is saying and what is he saying. Through community and anonymity, it aims for flattening the corporate hierarchy so that open and more productive conversations can take place.

The most basic job of Blind is to uplift all the silenced voices in order to ensure the fact that a positive change can be brought in the industry and employees can also feel a sense of confidence. It is suggested to join this community as soon as possible and chat with all the professionals out there. For getting exclusive access to the top stories from the Blind community, you need to sign up first. Employees from more than 70,000 companies and plenty of startups are enjoying the services of this anonymous chatting app. From talking with the coworkers in the private “company channels” to taking part in the industry-oriented discussions in the “lounges”, there is so much you can get from this application.

If you want, the browsing of “topics” can also be done on this social network so that you can easily blend with several other employees from different industries that include e-commerce, tech, and finance etc. A person can also share honest feedback on a wide range of several topics. There is no denying the fact that Blind is a perfect platform for expressing your thoughts, elevating your career, and striving for a more effective work culture. Be it good career advice that you are looking for or you wish to get the quick solution for a problem in your workplace, you can always rely on this chatting application for the same.  

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