Tips For Hiring A Professional Wedding Bartender

Tips For Hiring A Professional Wedding Bartender

Oct 10, 2018, 4:43:20 PM Opinion

When planning your wedding, you have probably thought about the type of bar you are going to have at the reception.  However, there are a lot of people who forget to think about hiring the bartender for the wedding.  If you have never hired a bartender for an event, there are some steps that you need to know about which will make this process much more comfortable. 

Do You Need To Hire A Professional Wedding Bartender?

The first step in hiring a professional bartender is determining if you have to do this.  To resolve this, you will need to consider the wedding venue and the service the site provides.  Some sites offer a bar service when you hold your wedding there.

In these situations, you might not need to hire a professional bartender.  This is because these venues will have bartenders on their staff and you will be required to use them.  If you have agreed to this service, you will not have to look for a professional bartender.  In all other situations, you will need to hire your bartender.

What Service Is Provided

Once you know that you need to hire a professional wedding bartender, you need to start looking at the different services.  Some bartending companies offer a full service which includes the bartender, all of the serving equipment and glassware.  With these services, all you will need to do is provide the drinks. 

Other companies and individuals offer a bartender only service.  This means that you are hiring the bartender just for the wedding and you will need to provide all the other equipment.  While this can often be the cheaper solution, you need to consider this as the renting of the other equipment carefully could be costly.  It is essential that you know what service you want and whether the bartenders you are looking at provides this.

The Insurance

When you hire a bartender for your wedding, you need to ensure that they are insured.  A lot of people overlook this, but it is vital that they have the right insurance.  You do not want to be liable for any damage or injury resulting from their work. 

The bartender that you hire should have liquor liability insurance.  You need to ask about the protection the bartender has and ask for proof of the coverage.  If you are unsure about the insurance proof provided, you need to contact the insurer to verify this.

The Costs

While it is vital to ensure that you get the service that you want and use an insured bartender, you also need to consider the costs.  Hiring a professional bartender for labor only will generally be cheaper than hiring a full-service bartending company.  However, you need to find what you are getting from each to determine which will be better for your wedding budget.

Hiring a bartender only will provide you with minimal service, and you will need to factor in the costs of the drinks and bartending equipment.  You will also need to consider that you have to clean up the venue after the bartender has left.  These are all costs that can add up and need to be taken into account.

When you hire a full service bartending company like Event Bartenders, the cost of the equipment will be factored in.  There are also many companies that offer a cleanup service which is one less thing for you to worry about.  The additional cost of these companies will generally be worthwhile because of the other services that you can take advantage of.

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