Why I’m voting yes on Measure K in 2018 -Sue Maskow

Why I’m voting yes on Measure K in 2018 -Sue Maskow

Sep 17, 2018, 6:57:51 PM News

This November is going to change the course of our country and our county. Not only do we have a nation in crisis, but Kern County is also deciding our fate. We can continue to ignore the reality of medical marijuana or we accept that what Washington and doctors told us for generations was just plain wrong.

I am voting yes on Measure K because I’ve come to the conclusion that medical marijuana is real medicine but I don’t want Kern overrun with dispensaries.

With Measure K, patients get access to medical marijuana from a maximum of 35 dispensaries. These dispensaries can deliver medications to your door just like Amazon so if you are sick or the nearest dispensary is too far, you can still get medicine. The competing county measure (called Measure J) would allow unlimited dispensaries. There would be one on every block! In areas that are zoned agricultural, homes could turn themselves into dispensaries. Medical marijuana shouldn’t be a home business.

Plus, only Measure K restricts the hours dispensaries can operate. The other measures allow them to run 24 hours a day every single day of the year – even Christmas eve!

I’d rather have a limited number of strictly regulated dispensaries than unlimited dispensaries that run 24 hours a day with bright neon signs.

I strongly believe that Measure K is the only measure that will give Kern County tax revenue. Both of the other measures (J and O) let the marijuana industry cook their books and use expensive CPA’s to dodge taxes. With Measure K, money goes straight to Kern every time the cash register rings up a sale. Measure K is a flat tax of 5% on every dollar. The other measures only give Kern money if there is anything left over after salaries, rent and expenses.

I know some people prefer that Kern dispensaries be “medical only”. I get it. I liked the idea that people can’t just walk in and buy marijuana if they don’t need it. But then I realized that Veterans can’t get their VA doctor to give them a recommendation, some people don’t have a doctor or insurance, and some doctors are still ignorant about the benefits of medical cannabis – so why make it hard for the people who are suffering and really need it?

In Massachusetts, the government is taking away guns from sick people who buy medical marijuana even though it’s legal. In Nevada, some employers were firing people who used medical marijuana. In New York, patients were being kicked out of their apartments and homes for using medical marijuana to treat their cancer and pain.

We can no longer trust Washington to do the right thing for us. We need to take responsibility for our own lives.

All good people who care about caring for our suffering neighbors and warriors agree that Kern needs responsible medical marijuana rules.

Measure K is the true conservative choice because it requires businesses to pay taxes, protects neighborhoods, respects our veterans, and gives law enforcement and first responders the tools they need to punish the bad guys.

God is giving Kern County a choice. Let’s choose Measure K.


Published by Jason Roy

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