Arjun Bhat Shines in Pop Music with Artistic Sincerity

Arjun Bhat Shines in Pop Music with Artistic Sincerity

Arjun Bhat is an ascending talent in the pop music realm with big dreams. His refreshingly relatable vulnerability is what makes his art popular. Drawing his inspiration from real life and raw emotions has proven to be the best way to connect within the industry to create great music. His notable singles PLEASE. and HEARTLESS. (with MC Culprit) are not only catchy songs, but carry a deeper message of encouragement and self-love. Following his truest passion, Arjun launched Theajsoundin February 2020. Arjun has also performed with big names in the community such as Shirley Setia, Kanik Mongia, and Avish Sharma. His cover with Shirley Setia hit more than 11 million views from around the world, which boosted ‘theajsound’ tremendously. 

Arjun is an Indian-born New Zealand dweller, growing up there from the age of 9 onward. Despite having his roots intact, he considers himself more attuned to Kiwi culture. Arjun enjoys cricket as he used to play competitively at the Under-18 national level. He expresses gratitude for how open-minded his parents were. The love and support from his loved ones have been key to his success. Encouragement from his girlfriend has fueled his growth creatively. Outside of music, Arjun also loves fashion for its self-expressive qualities and fitness for its many benefits. Honoring all his interests is inspirational in Arjun’s process as an artist. 

After high school, Arjun studied IT (computer science/information systems) and now holds a bachelor's degree. During this time, he was a “self-proclaimed” professional gamer, playing almost 10-14 hours a day alongside his University studies and assignments. A pivotal point that kicked it all off for Arjun Bhat’s music entertainment destiny was him DJing spontaneously by plugging his iPod in to save a party after a technical issue. Everyone absolutely loved it, and Arjun kept DJing bars, clubs, and events for 2 years after that! The singer/songwriter and producer has now progressed to the level of working with the big labels such as Discowax (Sony), Youth Energy, Magic Records.

The guidance Arjun has had along the way has been instrumental in his career’s expansion. From 2012-2015, Arjun did vocal lessons for 3 years. One year was spent training with a rock coach Paul E of RVR, and then 2 years of theatre/opera with Faye McNeil. He passes along the principles he learned through those experiences and guides every day. Due to his extroverted nature, Arjun Bhat has evolved to make a lot of friends and build a great community of creators and supporters around him. Prioritizing people is a big part of Arjun’s lifestyle.  He also donates to Kids Can (Cancer for Kids charity) monthly to do something substantial to make a difference for those who are struggling the most. 


Arjun Bhat’s goal is to be one of the first Indian solo singers/songwriters to win a Grammy in the pop, pop/dance category. All of his experience, connections, and heart-felt creativity are combining to fast-track Arjun’s vision into stardom. Stay tuned in to the moves he is making and be entertained by following him on social media. You can expect amazing music, trade secrets, awesome interviews, and more incredible content. 

Published by Jason Steinberg

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